Large part of world population suffers from poor air quality resulting from industrial emissions. A growing global requirement to protect the environment from pollution is a major driver for the Gasmet business.

Reliable measurements help authorities to supervise emissions levels and operators run their business in a sustainable way. Accurate monitoring of emissions support operators to control their cleaning systems optimally and to minimize their negative environmental impact.

Our goal is to provide systems that help improve air quality. We think that each delivered Gasmet system is a one step closer to a cleaner future.

Gasmet Provides Solutions for the Following Applications


What you need to know about mercury emissions monitoring

Gasmet Technologies has published a new White Paper on the monitoring of mercury emissions to air from industrial processes. This paper focuses on summarizing the changes in measurement requirements and emission limits for Large Combustion Plants (LCPs), produced by The Commission’s Joint Research Center, and adopted by European Commission. After reading this White Paper you will learn what LCP BREF means in practice and how to prepare, who it concerns, the new continuous measurement requirements, and the new emission limits.