HanWha solutions plant manager on Gasmet: Reliable CEM systems bring productivity and stability to my life

Gasmet is a global leader in continuous emission monitoring systems. Our systems are in use around the world. One plant that has had great success using our monitoring systems is the HanWha solutions plant in Yeosu, Korea. HanWha solutions is a large Korean chemical manufacturer, with a strong commitment to eco-friendly solutions. They are involved in manufacturing many green technologies like solar panels, high quality batteries for electric vehicles, and high-strength, super-lightweight materials for automobiles. They’ve developed a close partnership with SOWON T.M.S., a Korean Gasmet distributor.

We recently had an interview with Sangyeon Hwang. He is an Environment and Safety Team CEMS Manager at the HanWha plant in Yeosu, and he loves the reliability and peace of mind that he gets from using Gasmet emission monitoring systems.

Reliable CEM systems ensure productivity and a good night’s sleep

Hwang explained to us how important a reliable monitoring system is to his company.

In Korea, all stack CEMs are online and monitored in real time by the authorities. That means that even a slight over-emission could cause big problems for the company. If I had an unreliable CEM[…] I could not sleep at night. Having reliable CEMs brought me not only productivity but also stability in my life.

In Hwang’s case, he decided to try Gasmet products because his current system wasn’t reliable enough. His monitoring system just couldn’t keep up with the increasing needs of the plant and changing regulations. When he spoke to SOWON and learned about the Gasmet solutions which use the latest technology, he was eager to try them out.

Gasmet offers a wide range of emissions monitoring systems, which use the latest technology. HanWha is using the advanced multicomponent CEMS II e FTIR system that is particular modular and upgradeable for future needs. In addition, Gasmet can provide continuous mercury monitoring systems with the lowest certified range in the world as well as continuous dioxin sampling systems. A Gasmet system means that you have peace of mind knowing that you have the most timely and accurate readings available on the market.

Hwang has been impressed with Gasmet systems because he “can see the evidence of the results.” CEMS II e has such a high level of upgradeability that in case the regulation changes, it is possible to conveniently add more measured gas components or change their ranges. Hwang appreciates this capability, especially knowing that Gasmet’s experts make sure that all gas interferences are taken into account for highly accurate results.

Korean customers have a reliable partner with our authorized dealer: SOWON T.M.S.

In our interview, Hwang had a lot to say about SOWON T.M.S., “I was convinced that SOWON was a reliable partner by seeing that they were proud of their product’s performance and quality and continued to work with integrity and honesty.” Before each new purchase, Hwang has been able to discuss his needs directly with SOWON and get the right system for the job. “With SOWON T.M.S. [our relationship] is very good. I trust them, and they have never let me down.

Even though we are a large, global manufacturer, we make sure that our clients receive expert guidance and assistance locally. When you have questions about a Gasmet system, one of our distributors will be there to answer your questions. You don’t have to call and wait on hold for a low-level employee in a call center in another country to try and fix your problems. You can get answers to your questions from someone local–someone from your community. And they will have backup from our worldwide team.

Hwang would recommend Gasmet to anyone who needs to continuously monitor their emissions

We asked Hwang if he would recommend Gasmet to other companies. He answered yes and said that he’s been hugely satisfied with the Gasmet products that he’s using. Hwang gave us two reasons why: the reliability of Gasmet’s products, and the tech support he receives from SOWON. The combination of global know-how and local support has proven to be an unbeatable team for HanWha solutions.

Installing one of our systems can give you the peace of mind that you won’t be scrambling to upgrade the next time regulations are tightened up. And as good as our systems are (and they are very good), we are constantly developing our CEMs systems for even greater sensitivity and reliability.


Learn more about our CEMS II e

CEMS II e offers modular and TÜV and MCERTS certified (QAL1) solution for environmental compliance in industrial processes, such as powerplants, waste incineration, cement plants and beyond. The system adjusts to changes in regulations and future advances of emissions monitoring best practices with ease.

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