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Why choose Gasmet?

  • Front Seat

    Gasmet is at the forefront of development. We have almost 30 years of FTIR experience and we have introduced several breakthrough innovations. Our teams of experts ensure continuous improvements of our products that will exceed our customers' expectations.

  • Future First

    The future belongs to everyone and we think that everyone has the right to clean air. Therefore, we are persistent to develop our future-proof solutions and support global actions in mitigating climate change. Our vision is to live on a green planet with less emissions.

  • Global Presence

    We know the importance of local support, globally. With our service and support network covering more than 70 countries, we ensure local, high quality technical support for our customers and secure continuous availability of spare parts to our systems during their entire lifetime.

White paper

What you need to know about mercury emissions monitoring

Gasmet Technologies (Finland) has published a new White Paper on the monitoring of mercury emissions to air from industrial processes. The Paper provides an overview of current initiatives to reduce mercury emissions and explains how continuous mercury emissions monitoring can help inform process control and the efficient operation of pollution abatement equipment, whilst also demonstrating compliance with mercury emission limits.

Download Mercury Monitoring White Paper