Gasmet provides industrial hygienists and other safety professionals with market-leading technology to conduct semiquantitative and quantitative exposure assessments as a part of Industrial Hygiene monitoring.

Uncertainty is expensive in exposure monitoring

Industrial hygienists play a vital role in ensuring that workplace conditions abide by legal limits (such as PEL) for exposure to chemical substances. These exposure limits provide industrial hygienists with a framework to protect workers from environmental hazards.

In worksites around the world, there is a growing need for improved exposure assessments.  For example in the UK only, thousands of gas-related incidents are reported every year, together with numerous minor instances that go unreported. Perhaps the biggest area of improvement is the way exposure assessment results are obtained and whether the results lead to improvements in worker safety.

Typically, industrial hygiene measurements are done by collecting samples from different locations, and then the samples are sent to the laboratories to be analyzed. This kind of passive monitoring provides only one average value of a worker’s exposure over an 8hrs shift, whereas real-time monitoring provides a much more complete analysis of the worker’s gas exposure risks. This allows Hygienists to track staff workflows and minimize their exposures with real-time toxic gas concentration data.

Identifying “Unknown” Gases

While many instruments are tuned to look for one target gas, it can be just as vital to monitor the “Unknown” gas(es) present. For the Hygienist this can be very valuable information when performing routine monitoring as it alerts of a leak or poor ventilation situation.

In many instances, industrial hygienists together with other safety professionals can reduce safety risks related to environmental hazards by identifying unknown smells or odors in the working environment or determine the contents of unlabeled flasks, bottles or drums etc. This, however, can only be done with a monitoring solution that can compare compounds to a large database of gas references.


Increasing the quality of exposure monitoring while cutting costs and saving time

At Gasmet we value the work and effort industrial hygienists put into monitoring the potentially harmful contaminants of their work sites. Diligent assessment of worker operations together with accurate detecting and testing of atmospheric hazards are instrumental in assuring worker safety and smooth operations.

We want to make the process of your exposure assessment as effective as possible by increasing your ability to detect and measure harmful contaminants – in a fraction of the time it used to take.  With Gasmet Industrial Hygiene monitoring system, you get:

  • Complete in situ measurement with real-time results. You never have to take samples and wait for days and weeks for laboratory results
  • Ability to detect unknown gases
  • Realtime results on your desktop or tablet
  • Complete portability. Easily re-locate the measuring unit wherever you need it at the moment
  • Robust and carefree Our solution is not afraid of splashes, dust or small bumps.
  • All in one compact package. You only need one analyzer for all your industrial hygiene monitoring needs.

Introducing GT5000 Terra Gas Analyzer

The GT5000 Terra is a market-leading solution for industrial hygiene monitoring. It harnesses the advantages of real-time monitoring and large compound databases to aid the daily work of industrial hygienists and other safety professionals.

GT5000 Terra scans the air 10 times per second and reports to the user if there is an “Unknown” gas(es) present. These gases can then be compared against databases containing over 5,000 gas references as available from Gasmet and NIST®.  This can be achieved within minutes from arriving at the worksite.”

GT5000 Terra is a lightweight and robust ambient air multigas analyzer that measures up to 50 compounds simultaneously.

Benefits of portable direct-reading instruments

Many advantages can be achieved by using portable direct-reading instruments. The possibility to measure out of hundreds is a huge time saver. As there is no need for time-consuming separate sampling and sample treatment measurements can be performed a lot quicker. This enables more comprehensive surveys of the air quality as a lot more samples can be collected and measured. Avoiding separate sampling is also cost-effective as no consumables are required for the sampling process. The GT5000 Terra gas analyzer provides an ideal solution as it offers on-site measurement of air quality without compromising on the quality of the analysis.


GT5000 Terra – Our solution for Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

GT5000 Terra is the worlds smallest portable and splashproof multigas FTIR analyzer. It can measure up to 50 gases simultaneously, making it possible for you to detect the unexpected. Equipped with wireless communication, you can get your industrial hygiene air monitoring results in real-time on your laptop or tablet.

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