FTIR Spectrum Library

Gasmet offers an online FTIR spectrum library tool where you can search for different gas compounds. When you choose the compound, you’ll get more details such as chemical formula, CAS number, weight, melting point, boiling point and density for each compound. You’ll also see the sample spectrum of the chosen gas compound. This tool is very useful for people using Gasmet products but also for others who have an interest in FTIR. If you don’t find the gas compound you are looking for, you can contact us and we are happy to help you.

Gasmet Smartphone App

We also offer a downloadable smartphone app for Android and iOS (including the FTIR spectrum library) free of charge! In addition to IR library, the app contains a dewpoint calculator, unit conversion tool, CO2 / O2 concentration calculator and a knowledge base to help you use your gas analyzer. The app is a perfect companion for on-field work with Gasmet gas analyzers, or if you simply need a converter or calculator tool for your tasks.