Gasmet story begins in 1990, when a Finnish manufacturer of shelters, blast resistant and gastight doors, Finntemet Oy, acquired Scanoptics’ FTIR business. The reason why a shelter manufacturer company was interested in gas analysis was, that since 1959 in Finland, it has been compulsory to include a shelter in any building over a certain size. Naturally, the quality of air inside these shelters became a primary concern. This acquisition led to the creation of Temet Instruments Oy. At that stage, the company consisted of just four scientists.

During it’s early years the company was only focused on improving the FTIR technology. All of a sudden, a demand for emissions monitoring equipment grew quickly as new environmental legislations were introduced and directives coming into effect. At this point the Gasmet story really begins.

The first Gasmet FTIR analyser was sold in 1993, and already in 1994, the sales were expanded to Europe and to the USA. In the early 2000s, demand for the company’s products grew requiring high levels of investment that led to a management buyout. In 2006, the company Gasmet Technologies Oy was formed.

1000 analyzers delivered


Sales and service activities were undertaken by a global network of distributors and subsidiary offices in Hong Kong (2005), Canada (2009), and in Germany (2013). All of the company’s research, development, manufacturing and head office operations were brought into one facility in Helsinki.

In 2004, Gasmet launched the world’s first in-situ FTIR gas analyzer. Later, in 2008, Gasmet launched the world’s first portable ambient FTIR analyzer, the DX4030. Five years later, Gasmet introduced a new emission monitoring system for mercury measurements, the Continuous Mercury Monitoring system (CMM).

2000 analyzers delivered


In 2015 Gasmet announced the acquisition of its UK distributor Quantitech Limited. This acquisition was designed to secure the long-term future of the business and to exploit the growth opportunities seen in the UK market.

4000 analyzers delivered


In 2019, we acquired Austrian MonitoringSystems GmbH for expansion in solutions for industrial emissions monitoring. Later that year Nedeman Group acquired Gasmet and now we are part of Nederman’s Monitoring & Control Technology division.

5000 analyzers delivered


Today, we are proud to say that Gasmet has delivered over 6000 FTIR analyzers worldwide. It is the biggest number of FTIR gas analyzers ever delivered for industrial and on-site applications.

6000 analyzers delivered


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