The life of a stack testing technician or manager differs from that of most industrial professionals. Frequent time on the road and away from home, coupled with unpredictable measurement conditions are the everyday life of many stack testing teams. Our role at Gasmet is to be a reliable partner for stack testers by manufacturing stack gas analyzers that make the important work they do as predictable and hassle free as possible. ​

Reliable partner for stack testers​

​We understand that after a stack testing campaign has started, surprises are not welcome. In order to attain reliable measurement results, there can be no uncertainty about whether the analyzer is working properly. ​

Our customers report that partnership with Gasmet is characterized by professional and dedicated service, and help with pressing problems. Our technical specialists and trained local distributors are able to consult stack testing teams with complex issues and challenging measurement campaigns.

Less hassle and grey hair

One of the benefits of working with us is that you do not necessarily need to haul a trailer full of measurement technology to the site. With our portable GT6000 Mobilis analyzer and sampling system, you can measure hundreds of different compounds with the equipment that would fit the trunk of a sports car (whether you want to arrive at the measurement site with a sports car, is a different question).

With fewer moving parts you will also have fewer cables and cords laying around and tormenting your work while you are trying to perform valid measurements.

Efficient measurements bring best value for your customer

Reliable results and predictable stack testing campaigns also benefit your customers. Nobody wants to inform their customers that the stack testing teams needs to return to the site for a rerun because of unreliable test campaign results.

Since our stack gas analyzer provides you with real-time results, you will get immediate feedback on the progress and validity of your QAL2 tests. You can monitor humidity and be automatically notified if something unpredictable happens during the measurement process.

In addition, you can provide your customers with preliminary information regarding the results directly after or even during the campaign.

FTIR in Stack Testing

The abbreviation FTIR stands for Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy. It is a sophisticated method for detecting the chemical “fingerprints” of various compounds. The benefits of analyzers that use FTIR is that they:

  • Give results instantly
  • Measure dozens of gases simultaneously
  • Have extremely low detection limits

These advantages are why more and more stack testing teams are adopting FTIR analyzers in their measurement campaigns. The advantages of carrying only one compact analyzer are considerable – both to you and your customers. Learn more about FTIR.

Why choose Gasmet as your stack testing partner?

Gasmet is an ideal partner for compliance measurements. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose us as your partner:

  • Multicomponent capability – measure multiple gases simultaneously
  • Adding new gases is easy – no need for hardware changes
  • A portable FTIR analyzer allows you to take the lab to the site
  • Simple and low-cost calibration – The analyzer itself only requires a daily background measurement with nitrogen (span checks or calibrations as locally required)

GT6000 Mobilis– Effortless stack testing​

We built GT6000 Mobilis, so that for most of your stack testing gigs you would only need one compact analyzer to do the job. So that you could view results on your tablet real-time, and wouldn’t need to stop by the lab on your way home.

Learn more here