When you are responsible for the safety of workers entering or working in a potentially hazardous confined space, you want to make sure you are truly prepared for the potential risks — both visible and invisible. A variety of atmospheric risks, such as toxic and flammable gases, can pose serious threats to your employees’ health and safety. Gasmet gives you peace of mind with a solution for confined space monitoring that simultaneously measures more than 50 hazardous gases with extremely low detection limits.

Confined Space Air Monitors that fit your process seamlessly

Before entering a space that might contain hazardous gases, you must complete a pre-entry check with confined space equipment. This is usually done by lowering a gas detector to space or by inserting a probe or tube and pumping air into the gas analyzer. These areas should be monitored every time before entering and whenever workers are present. Our gas analyzer enables the continuous monitoring of the most common key compounds as well as screening for unexpected danger. As a result, you can make informed decisions regarding your work practices and safety measures.


What if you actually knew what happens inside your confined spaces?

When assessing the risks concerning a specific confined space, you do not want to rule out any potentially harmful gases or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that might lead to a dangerous situation for an employee. Traditional gas monitoring is usually limited to 4–5 gases with unprecise detection limits. This leads to the difficult decision of which gases to monitor. With our GT5000 Terra, you are ready for any gas compounds that your employees might face in a confined space:

    • Simultaneous measurement of up to 50 gases with low detection limits
    • Wireless connection to a monitoring center
    • Portable with built-in battery
    • Obtain results on-site in seconds
    • Continuous monitoring while work is carried out in the confined space

GT5000 Terra: next generation of confined space air monitoring

Our portable and splashproof (IP54) multigas analyzer GT5000 Terra is truly the next level of confined space monitoring equipment. The analyzer can measure up to 50 predetermined gases while giving you the possibility to identify any unknown gases from our vast library of over 400 gases. This is significantly different compared to traditional detectors which can detect only a handful of gases without the possibility to identify the unknown ones. Our solution is made possible by FTIR technology, which scans the whole infrared spectrum. This means that you get the results and can analyze them immediately. FTIR also makes it possible to measure acetone, formic acid and chloroform which cannot be measured with traditional detectors.

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Confined space monitoring system

Identify and illustrate potential hazards with GT5000 Terra

To operate GT5000 Terra, the analyzer comes with the Calcmet software which analyzes the sample spectrum with a sophisticated algorithm. Calcmet has an easy-to-use user interface that enables one-click measurements, simultaneous viewing of concentration results as well as the sampling and referencing of spectra. It also provides time trends for the analyzed gases. The results are available within seconds. This means unparalleled advantages for confined space monitoring as presentable data is available right there on the field, as soon as you need it.

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For Confined Space Entry Consultants

Add value to your consulting by analyzing a wider spectrum of harmful gases in your customers’ confined spaces.

Helping your customers determine whether a confined space is safe to enter becomes easier and quicker when you can simultaneously and accurately measure dozens of harmful gases. Gases such as acetone or chloroform can be harmful, even lethal, and the typical handheld detecting devices are not able to detect them. Our solutions for gas analysis also make your work less time consuming with precise and reliable measurement results.

Bring added value to your customers with site audits and atmospheric tests that help your customers understand what they are facing in a confined space — from flammable to toxic gases that can cause significant short- and long-term health hazards. This also provides your customers with the means to follow regulations and standards regarding confined space monitoring.


GT5000 Terra – Our solution for Confined Space Air Monitoring

GT5000 Terra is the worlds smallest portable and splashproof multigas FTIR analyzer. It can measure up to 50 gases simultaneously, making it possible for you to detect the unexpected. Equipped with wireless communication, you can get your  air monitoring results in real-time on your laptop or tablet.

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