Key Benefits

  • Certified and fully automatic system to fulfill your compliance requirements
  • Flexible design and technology to meet customer-specific requirements
  • Easy to operate & low-cost of ownership
  • Robust design for challenging conditions
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continuous emission monitoring system
CEMS II e takes away the manual configuration and settings adjustments from your day-to-day emissions measurements. A fully automated continuous emission monitoring system CEMS II e is TÜV and MCERTS certified solution (QAL1) to offer environmental compliance. The system is suitable for measuring pollutants continuously from hot, wet and corrosive gas streams in various industrial processes, such as powerplants, waste incineration, cement plants and beyond.

Solution for Simultaneous Gas Measurements

CEMS II e enables simultaneous measurement of up to 50 gases with varying gas measurement ranges. The system offers the standard emissions monitoring package consisting of the following 16 gases: H2O, CO2, CO, N2O, NO, NO2, SO2, HCl, HF, NH3, CH4, C2H6, C3H8, C2H4, C6H14 and CH2O. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) can also be measured with the FTIR analyzer in addition to components such as NOx. If the fuel on the plant changes, it might introduce new gases or concentrations. This is no problem thanks to the flexible and easy-to-use Calcmet software and FTIR technology, which makes it possible to extended measurements for more gases and ranges without any hardware changes.

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Technical Highlights

  • EN15267 TÜV & MCERTS certificates (QAL1)
  • High annual availability of 98,4 %
  • Lower uncertainties than required for all certified compounds
  • 6-month maintenance interval for all certified compounds
  • Simultaneous measurement of 16 gases as standard
  • Option for certified O2
  • Option for certified FID analyzer for TOC measurements (CEMS II ef)
  • Possibility to add lower ranges & new compounds to analysis later easily
Component Certification range
Unit Component Certification range
Water, H2O 0 – 30 / 40 Vol.% Hydrogen Chloride, HCl 0 – 15 / 90 mg/m3
Carbon Dioxide, CO2  0 – 25 Vol.% Hydrogen Fluoride, HF 0 – 3 / 10 mg/m3
Carbon Monoxide, CO 0 – 75 / 1500 mg/m3 Ammonia, NH3 0 – 15 / 50 mg/m3
Nitrous Oxide, N2O 0 – 100 / 500 mg/m3 Methane, CH4 0 – 15 / 150 mg/m3
Nitric Oxide, NO 0 – 150 / 2000 mg/m3 Formaldehyde, CH2O 0 – 20 / 90 mg/m3
Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2 0 – 200 / 500 mg/m3 Oxygen, O2 0 – 25 Vol.%
Sulfur Dioxide, SO2 0 – 75 / 1500 mg/m3

Technology Designed and Built for Purpose

CEMS II e is a robust, versatile and user-friendly solution that adjusts to changes in regulations and future advances of emissions monitoring best practices with ease. Various design choices allow the system to be modified according to its user’s needs. Robust and unique design provides the longest maintenance interval on the market (6 months) and high annual availability (98.4%).

Modular Features and Design Promote Flexibility

One key design choice with CEMS II e is its modularity, which increases the flexibility of the system. Different modules can be assembled and stacked in the monitoring cabinet according to the user’s needs. The modular design also means individual parts can be removed. For maintenance purposes, this means that a repair unit can be used which leads to minimized downtime and makes the maintenance procedure easy, fast and cost-effective.

Long Term Investment for Continuous Measurements

Continuous measurement provides better control of emissions than periodic measurement. Monitoring emissions continuously enables operators to react to changes in concentrations without any delay. Also, the measurement ranges can be changed easily and quickly (either extended or reduced) without any changes to the hardware thanks to the Calcmet software and FTIR technology. These features are valuable to ensure future-proof operation in the face of changing emission limits.

Controlled with Powerful Software

The Calcmet software used to control the system collects, stores, and visualizes the FTIR spectrum of the sample gas and analyzes the concentrations of gas components. Sample spectra can be easily re-analyzed since the spectrum files are stored on an external computer.

Emissions Monitoring System with Variety of Options for Connections

The CEMS II e is a fully automatic system and has a variety of I/O configuration options. Both measuring data and alarm information can be transferred to other automation or reporting systems in analog or digital format. Additionally, the system is equipped with the possibility to use analog and digital inputs for external data.

Real-time data access

Insight digital solution can be implemented to CEMS II e to help operators ensure regulatory compliance and optimize their everyday operations by giving secure and centralized 24/7 remote access to real-time data.

Emissions Monitoring Handbook

Want to learn more about emissions monitoring? Download our free handbook.

In this guide you will learn more about:

  • Industrial Emissions Monitoring & Suitable Technologies
  • Quality Assurance
  • WI BAT Conclusions for waste incinerators and co-incinerators
  • LCP BAT Conclusions for large combustion plants
  • Gasmet’s Solutions for Emissions Monitoring

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CEMS II e System Overview

The system consists of an FTIR analyzer, cabinet, sampling system, industrial computer, heated sample probe and heated sample line. If needed, CEMS II e can be equipped with a ZrO2 oxygen analyzer and/or Gasmet Flame Ionization Detector GFID.

Gasmet’s Solution Package for Emissions Monitoring

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As your potential emission monitoring partner, we offer a complete solution for your specific emission monitoring needs. Our very own technology ensures long-term reliability, ease of use and full compliance.

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