A successful partnership in mercury and dioxin monitoring with Renova and Gasmet

Renova, one of Sweden’s leading waste management companies, has been a satisfied customer of gas monitoring solutions provider Gasmet for some time. When Renova obtained an environmental permit in 2020, one of the requirements was to monitor dioxin emissions at current levels. For this task, they selected the GT90 Dioxin+ system.

The company had previous experience with the performance of our systems, having measured mercury levels in its processes since 2021 with three CMM systems. These systems have enabled Renova to track and manage its emissions and ensure compliance with environmental standards.

Renova’s waste-to-energy plant: Serving Gothenburg with sustainable heating

Renova has had a waste-to-energy plant on the outskirts of Gothenburg since 1972. It burns about 550 000 tons of waste a year and produces both electricity and district heating for Gothenburg’s

residents, 1.4 million MWh. Renova has 244 collection trucks and almost 850 workers in Gothenburg and nearby municipalities.

The City of Gothenburg owns 85% of Renova, and the rest belongs to the surrounding municipality. Renova says “We value everything – for a sustainable tomorrow”. EU regulations are tight for waste-to-energy operators like Renova, especially on the residual stack.

Like other waste-to-energy plants, Renova has to monitor emissions continuously and needs the best technology for that. The equipment has to work well without errors or disruptions to maintain compliance and avoid any system downtime.

Malfunctions in the system could lead up to stopping the entire plant process, which would not only be extremely expensive to the plant but also devastating to the people who receive district heating from Renova during the winter.

Gasmet and Alnab ensure operational continuity for Renova’s emissions monitoring

Reliable and easily maintained monitoring systems are crucial for the professionals working at Renova, so that they can concentrate on their core business and trust that their equipment works as promised. Gasmet’s emissions monitoring systems provide a worry-free user experience combined with reliable data. In case of additional training or any support needs, Gasmet experts are readily available.

“We are very satisfied with Gasmet’s equipment, and we get support whenever we need it”

This immediate support is also provided by our local partner Alnab, which has been our trusted and valued partner in Sweden since 2003. Alnab also handled the installation of the equipment, training for Renova staff, servicing the equipment and acting as the primary contact for Renova.

During the commissioning of the equipment, Renova staff also visited Gasmet headquarters in Vantaa, Finland. They received training and support from Gasmet experts and saw how the products are designed and manufactured with pride and high attention to detail.

Partnering with Gasmet for crisis readiness and CCS piloting efforts

Renova has also invested a lot in safety at work, wanting to make sure that the company can run safely even in times of crisis or war. Safety, including work safety, is also a key skill of Gasmet.

With Renova’s dedication to flue gas cleaning and monitoring people nearby can breathe safely and clean air is ensured for future generations. Renova also participates actively in looking for carbon capture piloting opportunities. If carbon dioxide could be captured at the Sävenes site, carbon dioxide emissions would be greatly reduced.

We also participate in many carbon capture initiatives. Our devices are used in monitoring the input and output gas composition in carbon capture to monitor process efficiency, as well as the emission stream being released from the stack that may contain for example amines.

Customer Satisfaction: Renova praises Gasmet’s support and reliable equipment

Renova is happy with Gasmet’s products and service. The equipment has low lifecycle costs, and the investment is worth it in the long run. The CMM systems have been certified to be the most accurate in the world and use a dilution method to handle the flue gases without interferences. GT90 Dioxin+ collects the sample into a dry filter which is easy to analyze by a laboratory with no worry about handling condensate.

We work with Alnab, our partner and distributor in Sweden, to support Renova. Alnab makes sure that Renova’s systems work well and fixes any issues fast and effectively.

“We are very satisfied with Gasmet’s equipment, and we get support whenever we need it,” says Pontus Gimfalk electrical manager at Renova AB.

Our gas monitoring solutions and dedication to great customer service are proven by the partnership with Renova. Renova’s achievements with Gasmet’s systems show how other companies can improve their environmental performance.

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