LafargeHolcim on Gasmet’s CMM system: Taking control of mercury emissions gives us peace of mind

LafargeHolcim, the largest producer of cement in the world, uses Gasmet’s Continuous Mercury Monitoring (CMM) system to monitor mercury emissions and maintain a higher level of safety in cement production. They obtained the CMM system from RACI, a distributor of Gasmet’s systems operating in Slovenia and Croatia. A quick distributor and a reliable continuous Hg monitoring system with zero interruptions give LafargeHolcim peace of mind and future-proof visions.

Gasmet’s monitoring systems are in active use all over the world – now also in Croatia. Production Engineer Ivan Marić is responsible for emission monitoring at LafargeHolcim, a large-scale producer of cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, solutions, and products. He operates Gasmet’s CMM system daily and welcomes the change the device has brought to the company.

Monitoring mercury emissions results in an unprecedented level of safety

Marić has a long industrial experience working as an engineer at production and technology departments.

“Safety is a very important value for us. That was the main reason why we got the mercury analyzer, so we get that safe and secure feeling by monitoring the emissions.”

Gasmet’s Continuous Mercury Monitoring System is a TÜV and MCERTS certified solution for measuring mercury continuously from hot, wet, and corrosive gas streams of industrial processes, such as waste incineration, cement production and powerplants.

LafargeHolcim learned about the possibility of obtaining a CMM system via RACI, the Slovenian distributor of Gasmet’s devices. LafargeHolcim already had systems in place for monitoring other emissions. Taking control of mercury emissions in 2019 was an important step towards broader responsibility and a forerunner position in the industry in Croatia.

A quick and reachable distributor fulfills the worry-free experience with CMM

According to Marić, the CMM system is very reliable and easy to use. It indicates the level of mercury emissions without any interruptions and keeps LafargeHolcim on top of the situation. They have not faced a single unpleasant surprise in almost two years that the monitoring system has been in use.

“The product gives us exactly what we want – peace of mind. We know where we stand with our Hg emissions.” – Ivan Marić, Production Engineer, LafargeHolcim

Besides the quality of Gasmet’s device, also LafargeHolcim’s delivering partner RACI has impressed Marić. He especially appreciates their reliable service and fast response:

“RACI is a company that we can count on also in unexpected situations, as they react quickly and are always available for us.”

Future-proof control of mercury emissions with Gasmet’s systems

In Croatia there is currently no legislation for continuous monitoring mercury emissions. As a strong and aware operator in the field, LafargeHolcim checks the mercury emissions even if they are not obligated to do so. The company has set strict limits for themselves and are committed to keep the numbers low.

Marić follows the industry that he’s operating in closely, including the politics and legislations in different countries. He respects emission monitoring forerunners such as Germany and the Nordic countries, who are leading the way to stricter emission limits and better safety on an international level.

“It is fascinating to follow these countries and hear the latest news from the field,” Marić says.

He believes that monitoring systems will be in high demand across Europe soon as emission limits are likely to descend in the future. Marić estimates that LafargeHolcim will update their other analyzing systems in 2023. Gasmet’s CMM has set the bar high for new analyzers.


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