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The cement industry is actively seeking to increase the use of alternative fuels for cement production. Both to decrease energy dependence on conventional fossil fuels and to mitigate negative environmental impact.

One of these alternatives is waste-to-energy. The downside is that waste incineration in cement kilns releases toxic emissions into the air containing mercury, lead, cadmium, thallium and other heavy metals. Continuous emissions monitoring is therefore essential for ensuring these emissions are continuously in accordance with local emission regulations.

Join us on 7 April 2020 for our presentation at the Sustainability 2020 online conference hosted by World Cement.

In this presentation titled ‘Continuous emissions monitoring at cement plants’,  Ken Roberts from Gasmet will be discussing the importance of continuous emissions monitoring for cement plants, and how systems such as the CEMS II e system can help to accomplish this.

As the process of waste-to-energy can produce emissions, systems such as the Continuous Emissions Monitoring System CEMS II e, which offers TÜV and MCERTS certified solution (QAL1), are essential to help the cement industry achieve its sustainability goals.


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