Greenhouse gas flux measurements with Eosense and Gasmet


We have exciting content for all of you soil flux and greenhouse gas measurement professionals! Together with Eosense, we have created comprehensive information in video and webinar form about the all-in-one solution for greenhouse gas flux measurements. With our Gasmet and Eosense integration, we created a setup consisting of GT5000 gas analyzer, Eosense multiplexer and the automated chamber system. This setup enables researchers to measure up to 50 gases simultaneously from up to 12 points.

Gasmet x Eosense – Integration webinar

Firstly, we have a short webinar, explaining who we are and what is our integration from the hardware and software point of view. Link to the webinar

Gasmet x Eosense – Videos

In addition to the webinar, we have two videos. In the first video, Nick Nickerson from Eosense shows step-by-step how to set-up Gasmet gas analyzer with Eosense automated chamber system.
In the second video, Nick shows how you use this setup to take measurements from the soil,  how to look at the collected data and interpret the results.


If you want to know more about greenhouse gas measurements, you can contact us.

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Eosense is a Canadian company, that designs, develops and manufactures instruments for measuring and monitoring environmental gas emissions from soil and water. They have proven their measurement technologies among the academic community in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

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