Gasmet’s Portable Gas Analyzer GT5000 Terra Is an Agile and Robust Tool

Meet our versatile and even lighter gas analyzer,  continuing the tradition of reliability in the portable product series! The GT5000 Terra represents a new generation of gas analyzers that combines high technology, easy usability, and agile portability. The device brings portable gas analyzers to a whole new level also in terms of performance and ergonomics in the field. In this article, we will introduce you to the main features and benefits of the new GT5000 Terra.

GT5000 Terra Gas Analyzer is Where Portability Is Key

As the name implies, GT5000 Terra is ideal for bringing your lab to the field. In addition to soil measuring, it is an extremely dexterous tool for toxic gas monitoring in shipping containers, indoor air quality monitoring in laboratories and production facilities, and toxic gas monitoring for first response professionals and firefighters, for example.

The device is designed to match the criteria for gas and emissions monitoring in very dynamic and active environments, i.e. in the field and on the go. As all Gasmet portable gas analyzers, GT5000 Terra is based on FTIR technology, which can measure up to 50 gases simultaneously in just a few seconds.

Main Benefits of GT5000 Terra

  1. Small size and lightweight
    This device is the world’s lightest and smallest multigas analyzer. It weighs only 9.4 kilograms, making it is easy and comfortable to carry in your back while working and sampling in the field. GT5000 Terra has an internal battery and a sample pump inside, making it easy to carry on in the field.
  2. Splash-proof and IP54 rated
    Another benefit is the durability of the GT5000 Terra. We have minimized the amount of moving parts inside the analyzer, making it safe and secure to measure in trembling circumstances, for example. Gasmet GT5000 Terra is 100% rain and splash-proof, which enables easy cleaning under a light shower.
  3. User-friendliness, easy software
    The user-friendly Calcmet interface makes using the GT5000 Terra very easy. With our plug-and-play one-click measurement you can carry out gas measurements easily and efficiently. Visually pleasing and enhanced Calcmet software directs the user through the process quickly and intuitively. The on-screen guidance is available for the user from start to finish. Read more about the improved Calcmet software.
  4. Wireless use and remote access
    The GT5000 can be connected to any Windows tablet or computer by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB cable. The Wi-Fi mode allows remote access to the analyzer. This makes measuring easier in demanding weather and outdoor conditions, as you can leave the device and operate it remotely. Similarly, it enables easy operation beyond borders – you can even be located in a different country.

GT5000 Terra Is A User-oriented Gas Analyzer from design to operation

Gasmet GT5000 can be equipped with customized equipment packages, depending on the application and the user’s specific needs. We deliver the analyzer to the user according to the necessary requirements the user may have.

Software is key to a good user experience, which is why we wanted to have a clear, visually pleasing and intuitive design for the Calcmet software. The renewed Calcmet software is designed for active measurement work in the field, enabling easy movement and transportation. Gasmet’s touchscreen tablet is a robust device that can be easily used with and without gloves, or by using a pen.

Close attention was paid to the ergonomic details of the new GT5000 Terra. The backpack harness was specifically tailored for this device. The improved, wider handle grip is comfortable to grasp and to hold while carrying the device.

The new GT5000 Terra is capable of measuring over 300 gases and up to 50 gases simultaneously. It has all the advantages of FTIR technology. It is quick to set up, easy to operate and doesn’t require much maintenance which makes the total cost of ownership low and extremely competitive.

All in all, Gasmet GT5000 offers a high-quality portable gas analyzer, which is carefully customized to cater to our customer’s versatile needs. With this device, we want to serve our users even better and help for example greenhouse gas researchers, industrial hygienists and first responders reach their goals with our market-leading technology and know-how.


GT5000 Terra

GT5000 Terra is the world’s smallest portable and splashproof multigas FTIR analyzer. It can measure up to 50 gases simultaneously, making it possible for you to detect the unexpected. Equipped with wireless communication, you can get results in real-time on your laptop or tablet.

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