Turning data into decisions: Ferroplan gets future-ready by using Gasmet Insight

Finnish company Ferroplan, the developer of the FerroPower mobile power station, was actively looking to create a solution that would let them remotely monitor their facility’s emission monitoring data. So, when Gasmet launched the Insight platform around the same time, it truly felt like finding a missing piece of the puzzle.

In 2018 Ferroplan started using Gasmet CEMS to monitor the emissions generated by the incineration of waste at the mobile power plant.

Ferroplan was next looking for a way to gain real-time access to the power plant data within their own facility to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. They also wanted a way to meet the needs of a growing number of power plants delivered domestically and worldwide.

“When we realized Gasmet offered a readymade service to view real-time emission data at our facilities that met our needs perfectly, we gave up on the idea of developing our own solution and started testing Insight,” says Pontus Ekberg, who works as a plant engineer at Ferroplan’s energy facility.

Making effective and informed decisions using accurate, real-time emission data

Gasmet Insight is a comprehensive digital solution providing 24/7 access to centralized data from Gasmet’s continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS II e/ef).

The extensive data provided by the platform improved Ferroplan’s ‍ quality of work, empowering the company to respond to situations with greater accuracy and efficiency. Ekberg observed that it enabled their plant operator to monitor real-time emission data to help make informed decisions.

Having access to remote data monitoring can play a helpful role in effectively managing and aligning activities with the stipulated environmental regulations.

“In case the emission alert alarm sets off, Insight’s graph view will help the operator understand if it was just a short blip or a lasting issue. Depending on the findings, the actions taken will vary,” Ekberg explains.

Another big advantage of using a platform like Insight is that it follows recognized security standards including IEC 62443-1, and the CSA Star certification scheme. Insight implements two-factor authentication, IP white-listing, and data encryption. Additionally, it maintains GDPR compliance, along with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

One of the reasons we were considering developing a similar service ourselves was to ensure it could be accessed remotely from anywhere while addressing security concerns. With Gasmet’s secure service, we found just what we needed.

Getting future-ready with Insight’s reporting and predictive features

Insight’s user-friendly interface makes emission data easy to interpret and more accessible. It also simplifies ESG and sustainability reporting and enables centralized maintenance supervision and system oversight.

“The reporting feature is quite interesting — the software makes insightful reports based on the data collected. In the future, as we grow globally, we could request reports for past and current months, which would help us make smart decisions and track what’s happening at our facilities. It is definitely a feature we could use to get long-term benefits,” Ekberg says.

Ferroplan also sees potential in Insight’s predictive maintenance feature, which continually monitors the system’s diagnostic data. The company considers this feature valuable for future use, particularly when all emission monitoring devices are from the same supplier. It would allow remote monitoring of maintenance situations across facilities and streamline the process.

Smooth setup and collaborative relationship make for a successful partnership

Implementing a new system can often seem like a daunting process, but Ekberg reveals that it was fairly straightforward to set up Gasmet Insight at their facilities.

“The process went excellently. Gasmet’s technicians and personnel took care of the installation and necessary adjustments. The setup was customized to suit our needs for the trial,” Ekberg says.

Regular discussions with Gasmet ensured that the entire experience was closely monitored and adapted as needed. The user-friendly interface and customer service have added to the success of the partnership.

“If you know how to use Windows, you can easily grasp the basics of what the service does, especially when you have prior knowledge of what it is meant for. I believe there is also an option to receive training, and if there were any problems, they would have been resolved. We are very happy with Gasmet, their products, and customer service,” Ekberg sums up.


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