Ensuring your employees workplace air quality is safe

Each day, unsuspecting individuals encounter hazardous gases in various corners of the world. This can happen in a factory or laboratory when storing goods or unloading a freight container. GT5000 Terra is a tool for measuring these dangerous or toxic gases. With the FTIR analyzer, you will immediately know what is in the air. The analysis can be completed directly in the workplace.

Employers are responsible under local laws to ensure your workplace is free of known health and safety hazards. The working environment must be constantly monitored to ensure safety. Frequent exposure to carcinogens can cause serious health effects to employees.

“Historically, attention was mostly focused on pesticides when storing goods, even though compounds off-gassing from the materials pose a much bigger problem. For example, it’s common to discover a hazardous amount of formaldehyde, which causes cancer,” says Product Manager Anna Leino from Gasmet Technologies Oy.[The World Health Organization (WHO) established an indoor air quality guideline for short- and long-term exposures to formaldehyde (FA) of 0.1 mg/m3 (0.08 ppm) for all 30-min periods at lifelong exposure in 2010

GT5000 Terra — easy-to-use, reliable and fast

You might not always know what gases are present. For example, a shipping container might have residues of products that were previously stored in it. This is why it’s important that your device analyzes a wide range of toxic gases.

Many of the devices on the market for container testing can only identify a few gases, whereas GT5000 Terra enables you to measure more than 350 known gases — 50 of them simultaneously. In addition, the device also reacts to unidentified gases. The quality of the results is on the same level as that of a laboratory.

“The user sets the exposure limits of each target gas. The device gives a clear readout of whether the sample is within the safe limits for an employee to enter the container,” advises Sales Manager Jockum Törnqvist from Gasmet Technologies Oy.

GT5000 Terra saves employers valuable time and resources compared to sending samples to a laboratory for analysis. This easy-to-use and reliable gas measurement device is well-suited for fieldwork. You can react to the results immediately.

Törnqvist gives an example of the benefits of the device:

“Ventilating a container just to be on the safe side takes a few hours. With the GT5000 Terra, results are ready in minutes, and the container can be unloaded immediately. Gas readings must be interference-free otherwise employers lose money waiting to access their valuable cargo.”


Only by measuring will you know what is in the air.

Commonly, risks associated with toxic gas exposure are acknowledged only when something tragic happens. Accidents caused by poisonous, flammable or explosive gases can be particularly serious. Proactive gas testing is a key part of an occupational health & safety program that ensures the employee’s workplace is free of known health and safety hazards.

“Gas analysis is the only way to know about dangerous—often invisible and odorless—gases. Knowing what is in the air you are breathing gives peace of mind to both the employee and employer,” Product Manager Anna Leino adds.


Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Gasmet provides industrial hygienists and other safety professionals with market-leading technology to conduct semiquantitative and quantitative exposure assessments as a part of Industrial Hygiene monitoring.

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