Gasmet portable sampling unit

The Gasmet portable sampling unit has been designed for portable emission monitoring measurements.

The Gasmet portable sampling unit is used for on-site measurements. It can be used for measuring trace concentrations of pollutants in wet, corrosive gas streams. The sample gas can be measured undiluted and without drying since the sample pump, heated filter and valve are all located in a module that is heated to 180 ºC. From the Sampling Unit the gases can be directed into Gasmet FTIR gas analyzer.

The Gasmet portable sampling unit includes power connections and temperature controllers for heated lines and heated module. The Gasmet portable sampling unit is connected to an external PC through Gasmet FTIR gas analyzer and can be controlled by Calcmet software.

The function of the portable sampling unit is automatic, but sample pump and valve can be controlled also manually.

In the case of a power failure or if the temperature (pump, lines, sample cell) is below setting, the automatic 3-way valve switches sample gas to zero gas to prevent condensation. Sample pump can not be switched on before all temperatures have reached the setting. In addition, the zero calibration of the Gasmet FTIR gas analyzer can be done automatically with the portable sampling system.

As an option, the sampling unit can be equipped with a sample probe and / or heated lines. The maximum length of the heated line is 19 m + 1 m with 230 VAC and 9 m + 1 m with 115 VAC power supply. There is also an optional integrated O2 sensor that supplements the capabilities of the Gasmet FTIR gas analyzers.

For more information on applications and other system parts please see Gasmet DX4000.

Technical Data

Portable Sampling Unit

General parameters
Operating temperature: 20 ± 20 °C, non condensing
Storage temperature: -20 – 60 °C, non condensing
Power supply: Separate models for 100-115 and 230 V / 50 -60 Hz
Power consumption: 400 - 3600 W, depending of the sample lines (without sample probe)


Heated sample pump
Material: 316 SS
Diaphragms: Teflon
Maximum flow: ~4 l/min, constant
Temperature: 180 °C, maximum


Heated filter
Material: Bonded microfiber (sintered steel 0.1µ as an aoption)
Gas filtration: Filtration of particulates 2 µm
Temperature: 180 ºC


Temperature controllers
Material temperature range: 0 – 180 ºC
Display: Digital, 3 digits


Pressure: 0 - 2 bars
Temperature: 60 ºC maximum
Valves: Sample gas / zero gas


Gas connectors
Sample gas inlet: One piece, 6 mm Swagelok
Sample gas outlet: One piece, 6 mm Swagelok
Zero gas inlet: One piece, 6 mm Swagelok


Electrical connectors
Power connection: CEE7 standard European Schuko plug or fixed cable


Material:  SS 316
Dimensions (mm):  400 x 300 x 210 mm
Weight:  12.3 kg
CE label:  EMI guideline 89/336/EC


Optional oxygen sensor
The O2 concentration reading can be displayed on the Calcmet software
Principle: ZrO2 cell
Measuring range: 0.1 – 25 %
Accuracy: < 2% from FS
Calibration: Single point calibration with air


Optional heated line
Tube size:  4 mm, inner diameter
Core material: Teflon core
Operating pressure:  Maximum 400 kPa
Temperature:  Maximum 200 ºC
Fittings:  6 mm Swagelok
Power supply:  230 VAC or 115 VAC
Power density: 120 Watts /meter
The maximum length of the heated line is 19 m + 1 m (230 VAC) and 9 m + 1 m (115 VAC).


Optional sample probe

Sample probe: PSP4000H

  • Power density:
  • Operating temperature:
  • Filter element:
  • Dust loadings:


  • 320 watts
  • 0 – 180 ºC
  • Ceramic 2 μm
  • < 2 g/m3

Probe tube material: SS 316 Viton

  • Probe length:
  • Sample temperature:
  • Sample pressure:


  • One (1) meter
  • 600 ºC maximum
  • 1 bar maximum
Other probes for high temperatures and for high dust loadings.

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