Big News – The New Gasmet Brand Identity


At Gasmet, we are excited to launch our new improved brand identity! The updated look and brand includes a new logo, colors, font and graphics. The new brand can be seen in our new website, our social media channels and printed material. Soon, it will be seen in our products as well.

New Logo

The new logo is custom-made for Gasmet full of high-tech, modern and playful feel. The transition from black and yellow to a more colorful brand makes our look more freshprofessional and up-to-date. The altered logo reflects who we are today.

New Colors

The three colors, greenblue and red, are carefully chosen to symbolize Gasmet’s key business areas. They connect better with our target audience, customers and mission, and strengthen our message by representing the topics that are meaningful to Gasmet.

The green color represents the importance of protecting our environment and mitigating climate change. The blue color is for industrial emissions monitoring and improving air quality. The red color represents safety in people’s working and living environments.

New Slogan

Gasmet’s new slogan “know what’s in the air.” reflects our expertise in gas analysis and monitoring business, as we design our products to be future-proof for the declining emission limits and to meet the strictest monitoring requirements. The slogan also describes our willingness to be at the forefront of development and innovation, as well as our interest to know our customers’ needs and what’s going on in the field of gas analysis and monitoring requirements.

What Else

We want our brand to best reflect why we existwhat we believe in, and where we’re heading to. Within the past few years, Gasmet has also grown through acquisitions. Our new logo and overall design pays a tribute to our Finnish origins, as well as provides us with a more consistent brand identity throughout our regional offices. It creates a powerful unified image that speaks to our customers from across different fields and business areas.

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