Artificial intelligence is in the air. Gasmet is breathing heavily into it.



Gasmet Technologies, a leading provider of gas analysis solutions, is embracing the opportunities of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Gasmet recognizes the importance of AI as one potential driver of development and growth in the gas analysis industry. AI can help Gasmet leverage the power of data, improve its employer brand, increase its operational efficiency and agility, and deliver better customer experience and satisfaction.

To support its AI initiative, Gasmet has launched a pilot project with a limited group of employees to explore new possibilities to utilize AI in its daily work. The pilot project will provide valuable feedback and insights for future AI developments.

“We believe that enabling AI in everyday life is not only an employer’s responsibility, but also an employee’s right to have access to today’s tools. We are embarking on a journey that is still unknown and few know how the path will wind. The important thing is that we take a bold step forward with curiosity, towards the possibilities AI brings for all of us – naturally assessing and taking into account the risks” states Gasmet’s CEO Nenne Nordström-Saarivuori.

As a part of its AI strategy, Gasmet has implemented organizational changes. Gasmet’s long-standing Chief Technology Officer Rami Vuorinen has been appointed as Director of AI, effective from April 2024. His responsibilities will include rooting AI to Gasmet’s way of working and enabling AI’s future potential on products and services.

Director of AI, Mr Rami Vuorinen comments “I am excited to have this opportunity at Gasmet. It is a privilege to be able to delve into something that is new to all of us and to accelerate the take-up of AI and inspire our experts to use it. It is particularly exciting to be leading a change that was recognized and worked on closely in Gasmet’s management team since early 2023.”

Gasmet believes that these changes will strengthen its ability to meet customer needs in both the short and long term and ensure flexibility in a changing business environment. “It has been great to see the enthusiasm and commitment among colleagues,” says Nenne Nordström-Saarivuori.



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