Gasmet Technologies develops and manufactures the Gasmet™ line of gas analyzers and monitoring systems. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative, customer-driven solutions for industrial gas measurement and monitoring applications. Gasmet™ products are reliable, user-friendly and provide consistently accurate results at a highly competitive price and operating costs.

Gasmet Technologies has certified its Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. Gasmet™ CEMS has received EN 1527-3 (TÜV and MCERTS) certificates. Gasmet™ FTIR gas analyzers are also compliant with the U.S. EPA 40 cfr part 60 Appendix b Performance Specification 15.

Gasmet™ products are sold and supported through a global distributor network that covers all continents. Gasmet Technologies headquarters are located in Helsinki,Finland and three regional Gasmet offices in Central Europe, Asia and North America provide sales and after sales support in their respective areas.

Gasmet gas analyzers and analytical software are based on original designs developed by Gasmet and covered by U.S. patents in Gasmet's name. Gasmet Technologies' production facilities in Helsinki cover every step of the production process from FTIR interferometers and Atomic Fluorescence spectrometers to complete Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems. Gasmet Technologies calibration laboratory is capable of multicomponent application development and instrument specific calibrations for both routine emissions monitoring gases and non-standard gases required in process control, research, and health & safety applications.