Ferroplan relies on Gasmet’s CEMS and expertise at their unique mobile power plant

Ferroplan built an experimental mobile power plant as a side project to their conveyor business. Through the partnership with Gasmet, Ferroplan got a CEMS that performs in their unique environment. They also rely on Gasmet’s expertise in emission monitoring, as their own strengths lie in their main business instead of energy production.

Ferroplan is a Finnish company that plans and manufactures conveyor solutions. In 2018, they launched a mobile power station, the FerroPower plant. In 2019, they started utilizing recoverable waste as fuel directly at the source of the waste.

As the power plant is a side project for Ferroplan, they rely on a knowledgeable partner in all things related to emission monitoring. The power station incinerates waste, so Ferroplan needed to continuously monitor the emissions. For that, they purchased Gasmet’s Continuous Emissions Monitoring System CEMS II e.

“Our people know and do a lot, but no one is an expert in emission monitoring or related equipment. The CEMS was a valuable investment for us, and partnership with Gasmet helps us take care of that investment,” says Pontus Ekberg, Plant Engineer at Ferroplan.

“It gives us peace of mind to know that there is a designated person at Gasmet who knows our application and situation.” – Pontus Ekberg, Plant Engineer, Ferroplan

Quick response and extensive service helped solve issues fast

In fall 2020, Gasmet’s expertise proved invaluable, when the CEMS needed calibrating and the values adjusting. At the same instance, Gasmet performed annual maintenance and provided additional user training.

“We contacted service when we had issues with the set values. Gasmet’s service person turned up promptly, did the troubleshooting, and took the equipment back to their office for calibration. That saved us a lot of time. We really appreciated how they went out of their way to offer good service, even though we are a small customer for them,” Ekberg says.

The equipment can just as well be calibrated at the customer’s site. Either way, the service personnel acts according to the situation and selects the best possible way to save the customer’s time and minimize the system downtime. The exceptional scale of the application does not affect maintenance.

“Our FerroPower plant is a modular power plant built in shipping containers, which means it can be moved from location to location. It utilizes local energy sources, and the energy produced can be used locally. To my knowledge, this plant is the smallest one in Finland in an industrial environment,” says Ekberg.

This was not the first of its kind for Gasmet as Gasmet has previous experience with such modular or mobile installations, for example in the UK. Smaller Energy to Waste incineration power plants such as these generally falls under the complexities of European IED legislation. Sometimes they are termed Small Waste Incineration Plants SWIPs. The intricacies of the IED legislation can often be daunting for one-off, first-time operators of SWIP plants.

“Of course, the environment is unusual, as our CEMS is usually installed in large industrial plants. But in terms of maintenance, there is no difference. Maintenance procedures are carried out the same as anywhere else,” explains Service Engineer Janne Muukkonen from Gasmet Technologies.


High performance of equipment and local production convinced Ferroplan

“For us, the number one requirement is that the CEMS performs well in our environment. And that is what Gasmet’s CEMS does. Another major factor is that Gasmet is a Finnish company with a good reputation and local R&D, manufacturing, and support. We have sourced locally manufactured elements for our power plant whenever possible,” Ekberg emphasizes.

Ferroplan is looking to expand the power plant side of their business. Gasmet’s product and expertise have convinced Ekberg, and he is looking forward to the next steps.

“I don’t see a reason to choose any other provider. We got a great product that suits its purpose, and I am very happy with the partnership with Gasmet,” Ekberg says.


Learn more about our CEMS II e

CEMS II e offers modular and TÜV and MCERTS certified (QAL1) solution for environmental compliance in industrial processes, such as powerplants, waste incineration, cement plants and beyond. The system adjusts to changes in regulations and future advances of emissions monitoring best practices with ease.

continuous emission monitoring system

“It gives us peace of mind to know that there is a designated person at Gasmet who knows our application and situation.”

Pontus Ekberg, Plant Engineer, Ferroplan