GT6000 Mobilis — a complete emission monitoring system packed into a sturdy, portable device

Combining portability with high performance, the GT6000 Mobilis is a revolutionary emission monitoring system that can streamline measurement processes and save you a whole lot of time and effort, be it in a stack, a lab, or on the field.

Whoever says you can’t do it all has clearly not been introduced to GT6000 Mobilis, the latest addition to our portfolio of emission monitoring solutions. The cutting-edge device optimizes short-term emission monitoring by offering reliable multi-gas measurements, flexibility, and real-time results— all in one easy-to-use, portable package.

“The GT6000 Mobilis is a trustworthy mobile sidekick that can come with you wherever you have an emission measurement need. It fits into the trunk of a car, operates well outdoors, can be taken up a stack, used on the industrial field or in a lab,” says product manager Anna Leino.

This makes the analyzer that comes with the Portable Sampling System PSS (Plus or Base) an ideal solution for compliance measurements, regulated emission measurements, or combustion and emission research.

Efficient multi-gas measurement and easy remote operations to optimize time

Typically, measurement methods used for short-term emission monitoring can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, with systems measuring only 1–5 components. The GT6000 Mobilis is designed to take on more and do all the dirty work, so you can use your time to focus on core research.

GT6000 Mobilis is one of the only portable devices in the market that can measure tens of gases simultaneously, avoiding the need for multiple measurement setups that can prove expensive.

Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity offer users the convenience of operating the device remotely. There is also a Wi-fi Station (VPN) mode, which offers truly remote capabilities to GT6000 Mobilis, as there is no distance limit. You can leave the site entirely if you want to or go get a cup of coffee, and still be able to follow the results from your tablet.

We want our customers to spend their time better instead of having to fiddle with multiple complicated measurement setups or wait for weeks to get results. The GT6000 Mobilis makes multi-gas measurement so easy and carefree that all the traditional instruments seem like antique relics.

Streamlined measurement process leaves little room for errors and surprises

The portable emission monitoring system can help optimize processes by bringing lab instrument quality to the field and offering instant analysis of results. You can follow the results in real time while you’re measuring, which means you can spot irregularities or surprises immediately. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the setup as you go, and even share preliminary results with the customer.

What’s more, unlike traditional instruments where you need to know what you are measuring beforehand, the GT6000 Mobilis lets you identify unknown gases. You can add gases to the analysis whenever you need to expand your research.

“You can add any gases to the analysis without any hardware changes to get unexpected results. And if you find something you didn’t anticipate, unknown gases can be identified within a minute. This is a cost-efficient solution for current and future research because you don’t need to necessarily purchase a new instrument if you are interested in monitoring another gas,” Leino says.

Robust, reliable, and easy-to-use device for lab-quality results on the go

The GT6000 Mobilis and the portable sampling unit are combined in a compact, lightweight yet sturdy emission monitoring system that is easy to carry and set up even in the most challenging environments. The ergonomic design is robust both in terms of weatherproofing and sensitivity to vibrations and shock.

We have minimized the number of moving parts, leaving less room for errors. The minimalistic design also makes the GT6000 Mobilis quick and easy to assemble and set up anywhere, as it doesn’t require a multitude of specialized tools.

Operating the sophisticated device is, however, no rocket science. The intuitive software collects, analyzes, and displays the data in a user-friendly interface, guiding users through the measurement process every step of the way. The device can be used with minimal training, and with the help of handy instructional videos and learning materials.

“All in all, the GT6000 Mobilis is a unique combination of portability and performance. It has been designed to help our customers spend their time better and expand their research. It offers the advantage of efficiency, flexibility, reduced costs, and most importantly, reliable high-quality results, all in one modular package,” Leino sums up.


GT6000 Mobilis

GT6000 Mobilis is a new generation portable FTIR multigas analyzer suitable for monitoring gas concentrations in hot, wet, and corrosive gas streams. Together with Portable Sampling System (PSS Plus or PSS Base), it transforms into a complete portable emissions monitoring system.

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