How Gasmet Went Around the World in 30 Years

Next year marks Gasmet’s 30th anniversary, and as we are kicking off the last quarter of the year, we thought now would be a good time to stop and reminisce about the important work that we do. In this article, we share our thoughts on how and why we became the world-leading company in manufacturing and distributing reliable and robust gas analyzers and emission monitoring systems. It has been an eventful journey around the world, powered by our three main values of improving air quality, protecting the environment and promoting workplace safety.

Gasmet expanded its operations from Finland to global markets

Let’s start with a quick recap of our history as a company. Gasmet’s story began already in 1990 as a university spin-off.

As a result, the first Gasmet (then Temet Instruments Oy, the predecessor of Gasmet) FTIR analyzer was sold in 1993, and by 1994, the sales were expanded to Europe and the USA. In the early 2000s, demand for the company’s products grew, requiring high levels of investment that led to a management buyout. In 2006, the company was renamed Gasmet Technologies Oy.

Our journey around the world has continued by subsidiary offices opening in Hong Kong (2005), Canada (2009), Germany (2013), the UK (2015) and Austria (2019). We’ve distributed over 4,000 devices around the world and can proudly state that it is the highest number of FTIR gas analyzers ever delivered for industrial and on-site applications.

How did we do it? Gasmet’s main asset is the value chain

How did a small company from Finland manage to grow into a global supplier and manufacturer of gas analysis solutions with personnel of over 100 people? According to the Gasmet CEO, Mikko Ahro, our main asset is the comprehensive ownership of our value chain, which ranges from R&D and design and extends to after-sales services. Naturally, the value chain includes assembly and testing plus sales and marketing.

Ahro emphasizes that all critical assembly and design of the Gasmet products is done in-house. Gasmet owns the complete value chain and is therefore not dependent on any outsourced parts of technology or know-how. From engineering to manufacturing and marketing with a global presence, it’s 100 % Gasmet’s own DNA.

What drives us forward? Gasmet’s values lead the way

A lot has happened within the past three decades and Gasmet has grown to be a globally recognized player in the field of gas analyzers. We want to be where environment and safety matter and our mission is to provide customers worldwide with innovative, customer-driven and reliable gas analysis solutions. Our main values are:

  1. Improving air quality

We aim at more accurate emissions measurements, allowing regulators and operators around the world to control the emissions based on real emission values.

  1. Protecting the environment

The impact we want to make is to understand natural sources and sinks of greenhouse gases (GHGs), and for example, the carbon cycle and its role in biofuel farming better. We want actual net reductions on GHG, which are based on real facts and science instead of greenwash or hidden agendas.

  1. Promoting work safety

With the help of our solutions, we want to improve the occupational safety of, for example, cargo operators who are at risk of being exposed to toxic gases in containers.

These values have been our driving force throughout the decades. We want to gain real, factual improvements, which are made possible by accurate measurements.

Exciting events ahead at Gasmet

The current business quarter will bring about exciting news and additions to our product offering, such as the dioxin monitoring system. We are entering our 30th year as a truly innovative action leader that contributes, for example, to better air quality and environmental protection.

We are proud to help research to find solutions to mitigate climate change, enable industrial operators to comply with their local and international emission limits and promote the occupational well-being of those who deal with hazardous gases at work.

The 30 years of Gasmet will hopefully bring new groundbreaking innovations, and an even wider global network of Gasmetians to support global actions and the important work that we do.


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