Climate Change affects us all. Similarly, we all contribute to climate change in one way or another. This means that even small changes in what we do can collectively make a big difference and have a positive impact on preventing global warming and preserving nature.

Strategy for limiting global warming to 1.5 °C – What Gasmet can do?

Today, global warming is one of the biggest research areas and, also, one of the biggest concerns for humankind. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide pose an enormous environmental threat, and, it is a fact that climate change is happening now, not in the far future. As a high-tech company, we know the power of technology and believe that our solutions can help change the direction of global warming.

Gasmet’s significant contribution to climate change research

We support climate change research by manufacturing portable gas analyzers for GHG measurements. Gasmet is known for its state-of-the-art gas monitoring products which are widely used among the research community all over the world. You can find our products in measurements of GHG emissions everywhere in the world, all the way from the Arctic and to the Amazon. Every unit sold contributes to an enhanced understanding of global GHG balance and can support achieving lower emissions in the future.

Agriculture and land use are estimated to have several Gigatons of CO2 -equivalent GHG reduction potential per year. Accurate measurements of soil fluxes are essential in optimizing agricultural and land-use greenhouse gas emissions. Gasmet can make significant contributions by providing optimized high-quality measurements.

Gasmet’s steps towards a greener company

We are fully committed as a company to take part in global efforts to mitigate climate change and preserve nature. Therefore, we have decided to launch our own strategy for limiting global warming to 1.5 °C – the 1.5 °C Strategy.

Ongoing actions:

  • We ship our products in wooden, recyclable boxes to our customers worldwide.
  • We have stopped using 3-gallon water jugs made from plastic to reduce the amount of plastic in our office.
  • We have started our monthly Safety and Environmental walks – the purpose is to ensure the correctness and functionality of waste sorting at our facilities
  • Gasmet UK office has installed solar panels for use of green energy.
  • We have started to reduce our energy consumption by replacing lighting in production with LED.
  • Gasmet provides its employees water bottles
  • Gasmet provides recyclable cutlery (wooden forks, knives and spoons) and stopped using plastic cutler
  • We will encourage our employees to
    • Take part in the Bring-your-lunch-to-work day!
    • Adjust power settings on their computers to save energy
    • Save paper and reduce unnecessary printing

Steps we have taken in 2019:

  • We stopped using plastic cups and replaced them with environmentally friendly cups
  • We participated the International Bike-to-work day on 17th May 2019
  • We adopted the following policies
    • Turn-off-lights-when-leaving-a-room policy
    • Green purchasing policy of office supplies
      • Avoid plastic and Styrofoam packaging & prefer products packed in natural materials
      • Look to purchase other items that have been made from recycled materials
      • Look to purchase natural or bio-based products whenever possible

Steps to be taken in 2020:

  • In turn of the year, we encourage employees to collect cooking fat from Christmas ham or turkey and deliver it to our collection point. The fat is then used as a raw material for NesteMy renewable diesel.
  • Theme of January 2020 is to check the power settings in our computers. Right settings help extend PC’s battery life and slightly reduce energy consumption.

We have also reviewed wasted handling and recycling of waste has been extended to cover nine different categories:

Cardboard, Paper, Clear plastic, Metal, Batteries, Electronic scrap, Energy waste, Organic waste & Mixed waste.

This led to reduced unrecycled waste in 2018 from year 2017.

These lists are not complete and will probably never be. You can follow our progress towards a greener Gasmet by subscribing to our newsletter!


The 1.5 °C Strategy is part of Gasmet’s Sustainability strategy. Corporate sustainability creates long-term consumer and employee value by creating a strategy of how a business operates in the social, cultural and economic environment. We have created a sustainability strategy that has seven areas with guiding principles, commitments and goals. As part of our sustainability strategy, we recognize the need to engage in positive value creation together with our stakeholders, as the basis for a strengthened brand, relations, and business. Our impact strategy has three focus areas with wider consequences to society, and where we have core competencies that can be used more effectively. Read more about our Sustainability and Impact strategy here.