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Gasmet provided Tammervoima waste-to-energy plant a flue gas measurement system that has proven its worth

Tammervoima waste-to-energy plant in Tampere, Finland incinerates approximately 165 thousand tons of municipal waste every year, providing electricity and district heat for the people of Tampere region. Gasmet delivered the plant a flue gas measurement system, which is used to monitor that the emissions stay within the set boundaries. The system has worked so well that there have been zero shutdowns during the plant’s four year production time.

The measurement system keeps track of all the components that are required to be monitored by the environment permit requirements.

– For example, NOx, dust, SO2 and so on, says Mika Pekkinen, who is the Managing Director at Tammervoima.

– In waste incineration, the flue gas measurements are extremely important. If something happens and the values go over the environment permit limits, we have to shut the plant down for hours. That would be very expensive, he continues.

A system to look into

But there has been no need for shutdowns, as the system has proven its worth. Because of this and the good partnership through and through, it’s easy to recommend the services of Gasmet to others as well.

– Gasmet flue gas measurement system has fulfilled our requirements and we have been extremely happy with it because no shutdowns have occurred during the four years we have been in production, Pekkinen says.

– We have been very pleased with our partnership with Gasmet, so we can of course recommend their services to other companies as well, he concludes.

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Our Solution: Continuous Emissions Monitoring System CEMS

Gasmet is able to specify, design, install and commission complete integrated continuous emissions monitoring systems to ensure regulatory compliance and to inform process control. Our CEMS enables operators to monitor multiple gases simultaneously:

To round up our emission monitoring portfolio we have a mercury monitoring system and dioxin sampling system:

  • The Continuous Mercury Monitoring systems CMM AutoQAL and CMM have the lowest certified range in the world (0-5 µg/m3). CMM AutoQAL has an automatic and integrated QAL3 validation tool. Systems are perfect for monitoring mercury continuously from hot, wet and corrosive gas streams.
  • The System for Dioxin Sampling GT90 Dioxin+ is a device designed for long-term sampling of dioxin emissions in conformity to the European standard EN1948-1 and EN15267. The system represents the cutting-edge technology for dioxin sampling and fulfills all the requirements of the dioxin measurement standard.

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  • Industrial Emissions Monitoring & Suitable Technologies
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  • LCP BAT Conclusions for large combustion plants
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Gasmet flue gas measurement system has fulfilled our requirements and we have been extremely happy with it.

Mika Pekkinen, Managing Director
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