GT5000 Terra Gas Analyzer – Frequently Asked Questions

In the two webinars we held recently, you had a chance to ask questions about our brand new portable FTIR gas analyzer, GT5000 Terra and the Calcmet software to operate it with. You asked and we listened – read on to find out our answers to the 21 most frequently asked questions regarding the GT5000 Terra and Calcmet.


What’s new about the GT5000 Terra

1. What are the main technical differences between GT5000 Terra DX4040 gas analyzers?

GT5000 Terra’s main differences compared to DX4040:

  • Connectivity
  • Weight & size
  • Path length
  • IP54 rated
  • Enhanced internal optics
  • User-friendly Calcmet software

In terms of connectivity, GT5000 Terra comes with more wireless and plug-in options than its predecessor DX4040.

GT5000 Terra is approximately four kilograms lighter than DX4040, weighing only 9.4 kg. It is also slightly smaller and more ergonomic for carrying in the back or held in hand.

The path length in GT5000 Terra is reduced from DX4040’s 9.8 meters down to 5 meters. Scroll down to question 14 to read more!

GT5000 Terra is IP54 Rated, making it dust and splash-proof.

Thanks to its renewed internal engineering, the internal optics of GT5000 Terra are fully integrated. The reduced number of moving parts makes the gas analyzer more stable than ever and resistant to trembling.

The brand-new Calcmet Easy software enables quick measurements when on-the-go or on the field. Read more about Calcmet in question 18 and here: Read more about Calcmet Easy

What are GT5000 Terra’s technical specs?
GT5000 Terra comes with the following technical specs:

  • 9,4kg with battery
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Ethernet
  • Controlled with Windows tablet or laptop
  • Built-in pump
  • Multicomponent capability.

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Ideal applications for GT5000 Terra

3. What is GT5000 Terra suitable for?

Thanks to its robustness and agile nature, GT5000 Terra is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for the following:

This analyzer is specifically designed for demanding and active field and on-the-go use. It is lightweight and compact meaning that it can be easily carried as a backpack on the field with minimum effort and maximum ergonomics.

4. What can you measure with GT5000 Terra?

The beauty of GT5000 Terra is that the analyzer allows simultaneous gas measurements while on the go. It can be used to measure a vast library of hundreds of gases ranging from greenhouse gases, to anesthetic gases and hazardous gases.

Find a comprehensive list of gases in our spectrum library and download our smartphone app with a full library.

If you have a specific gas in mind you would like to discuss, leave us a contact request here and we’ll call or email you.

5. Can you measure greenhouse gases with GT5000 Terra? Is it suitable for soil flux studies?

Yes, GT5000 Terra is perfect for greenhouse gas measurements and soil flux studies. You can measure by using both manual and automatic soil flux chambers.

You can integrate GT5000 Terra to a chamber system of your choice via multiplexers.

Read more about Soil Flux Studies

6. Are the results in soil flux unit or in ppm?

The results are in ppm in GT5000 Terra. Concentration results can be easily exported for calculating soil flux.

7. Is the GT5000 Terra gas analyzer MCERTS certified?

The new GT5000 is designed to measure gases in ambient temp conditions in measurement areas such as: Greenhouse gas measurements; First Responder (CBRN) ; Industrial Hygiene ; Container Gas Measurements (fumigants) and therefore not covered under the scope of MCERTS.

The DX4000 Portable and CX4000 CEMS are covered under MCERTS for Emissions Monitoring.

See the latest MCERTS certificate for DX4000 and CX4000 gas analyzers.

8. Is regular maintenance or annual calibration of GT5000 Terra required by Gasmet or local distributors?

It is not required, but in order to keep your GT5000 Terra optimized and in great condition, we highly recommend annual maintenances, which includes water calibrations. Find your nearest distributor on our contact page:

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Measuring gases with GT5000 Terra

9. Does GT5000 Terra work without a battery?

Yes, you can use GT5000 Terra also by plugging it into an electric power supply. Read our blog post and watch a video where we show you how GT5000 Terra works.

10. What is GT5000 Terra’s WI-FI range?

The Wi-Fi station of GT5000 Terra works all across the world – despite the distance.

11. Can the spectra be reanalyzed in GT5000 Terra?

Yes! You can always go back to your results and reanalyze them. If you, for example, come across an unknown component in your spectrum while on the go, you can analyze it later and as many times as you like.

12. Is it possible to do NIST library searches with GT5000 Terra?

Yes, in addition to Gasmet’s own library of appx. 350 gases, NIST’s library of 5,000+ gases is applicable, too.

13. Can I have sound alarms in Calcmet 14?

Yes! You can even choose between a few alarm tones to find the most suitable one for your needs.

14. What is the optical path length of GT5000 Terra? Is it as sensitive as DX4040 with 9.8-meter optical path length?

The optical path length of GT5000 Terra is 5 meters: it reaches the same performance with a shorter optical path length than its predecessor DX4040 (9.8m).

The sensitivity and performance are as good and as high quality as with DX4040 (9.8-meter path length). The GT5000 Terra with high accuracy and sensitivity provides detection of gases at sub-ppm levels.

15. How will GT5000 Terra react to very humid conditions?

Due to the fact that GT5000 Terra is not heated or temperature-stabilized, it is not designed for measuring condensing gases.

GT5000 Terra is ideal for the following applications:

  • Container measurements
  • First response
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Greenhouse gas measurements from soil
  • Greenhouse gas measurements from ruminants

16. Can we do measurements of up to 5% of water vapor or 3% as it was?

You can do measurements for non-condensing gases with 3% water vapor.


Calcmet Software

17. What are the functional differences between the new Calcmet 14 and the previous Calcmet 12.20?

The main difference compared to the previous version is the brand-new Calcmet Easy software for on-site measurements on-the-go in field laboratories. It operates on a touchscreen and requires no previous experience or gas analysis expertise for easy use.

In addition to Calcmet Easy, we’ve introduced a new Calcmet Expert software. This is ideal for more experienced users with advanced gas analysis skills. Calcmet Expert has an identification tool, which helps you identify unknown components easily.

Both Calcmet Easy and Expert have been developed and enhanced in terms of their usability and technical features.

What is more, we’ve enhanced the maintenance features of the device in Calcmet. As one of the main reforms, we’ve introduced better and quicker diagnostics and more automatic maintenance operations. This enables even smoother and quicker maintenance for your device.

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GT5000 Terra price, rental and demos

18. How much does GT5000 Terra cost?

This depends on your gas monitoring needs; whether you want to purchase the gas analyzer permanently or whether you prefer rental use. In addition, the number of gases you wish to measure and the accessories you need are taken into account when calculating a quote.

Get in touch and ask for a quote today!

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19. Can I rent GT5000 Terra?

Absolutely. Just get in touch and tell us more about your monitoring needs! Drop us a line via the contact form or chatbot in the bottom right corner of our website. We stand ready to help you.

20. Can I get a demo measurement?

Sure, we’re happy to show you how GT5000 Terra works – don’t hesitate to get in touch for a demo! Drop us a line via the contact form or chatbot in the bottom right corner of our website:

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21. When is the next Gasmet webinar?

We are more than happy to answer all your gas monitoring needs. If you have a specific topic for a webinar in mind, please drop us a line!

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