Be a stack testing superhero with our FTIR analyzer

Superheroes have been a beloved part of popular culture for decades, and few heroes are more popular than Batman. It’s thrilling to see the moment when the bat signal lights up the sky. Bruce Wayne runs to a bookshelf, pulls out a specific book, and opens up a secret passage to the Batcave. He leaps into action, quickly changes into his suit, and zooms away in the batmobile. It would be ridiculous if he had to spend time picking out each tool or gadget that he needed for a job before heading out. He knows that time and speed matter.

What does all of this have to do with stack testing?

When you go out on a stack testing job, you probably have a big list of things that you need. You have to check what tests need to be done. You gather up the proper cables, hoses, and probes. You make sure you have the glass bottles and filters for collecting. It can be a huge hassle, and the more components that you’ve got to deal with, the more chance for mistakes to creep in. After doing measurements for a day, you have to drive to the lab and drop all of your samples off. Then you wait—likely for a couple of weeks—to get the results.

In the past, that’s how things had to be done, but technology has advanced. Now there is Gasmet’s FTIR stack testing analyzer. It solves all of the problems mentioned above. It’s simple. The whole process from beginning to end can be done in one or two days. With the same setup, it can analyze dozens of different stack gasses. That includes various carbon compounds, nitrogen compounds, halides, and many VOCs. There are over 50 different gasses in all. You only need the probe, the pump, the analyzer, and your computer. There are no glass bottles and no shoving components into the back of a van. In fact, the whole setup could fit in the back of a typical sports car—or your average batmobile.

Are these systems reliable?

Our FTIR systems are MCERTS certified, so you can be confident in their accuracy and reliability. Calibration is simple and easy as well. There is no need for any span or re-calibrations. With a simple zero calibration using nitrogen, your analyzer will be ready to go.

What about visiting the lab? That’s a thing of the past. Your lab is now integrated into the Gasmet FTIR system. It does the analysis as it collects the samples. That’s right. By the time you’re done collecting the sample, you should already have preliminary results which you can share with your client. You don’t have to travel, and you don’t have to wait anymore. In fact, if there’s a problem with the sample, you can see it directly from the analyzer’s own Calcmet-software, instead of finding out weeks later that there was an issue and having to go back to the job site.

There’s another way that this system runs circles around the old way of doing things. All gases are measured by scanning the same infrared spectrum. Because of this, the data can be saved and re-analyzed in the future. If there are questions about the data, it can be easily re-checked. That’s really nice, but there’s even more to it than that. What if you’ve already done measurements for a customer and they decide that they also want information about a gas that was not originally checked? You can extract that additional information from the data that you already have, without doing any additional collection. Let’s see the old system do a cool trick like that.

So do you want to be like Batman, or do you want to keep using your old methods? We think the choice is clear.

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Our portable FTIR gas analyzer makes stack testers‘ important work as predictable and hassle-free as possible.

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