The math behind long-term dioxin sampling

Can I let you in on a secret? Your current method of measuring dioxins is probably not giving you the whole picture about your dioxin emissions. A typical waste incineration plant will run for about 8000 hours per year. Many waste incineration plants are still using the old method of periodic sampling. With periodic sampling, dioxins are only measured for 6-8 hours at a time. You don’t need a math degree to see that short-term sampling might miss essential information about actual dioxin emissions.

Let me give you an example: Imagine that we look at your dioxin emissions over three days. Monday is a typical day, and you have average dioxin emissions. On Tuesday, the composition of the waste stream produces an unusually large amount of dioxins, so naturally, your emissions are unusually high that day. On Wednesday, it’s reversed, and your emissions are much lower than normal.

If your emissions happen to get sampled on Monday or Wednesday, then everything will look good, but what happens if your emissions get sampled on Tuesday? There might need to be re-tests to confirm the findings, your plant’s reputation can suffer, and you might invite extra scrutiny from regulators. You don’t need those headaches.

There’s got to be a better way. Happily, there is: you can now install an automatic long-term dioxin sampling system in your plant or factory.

What are long-term dioxin sampling systems?

Long-term dioxin sampling systems use the latest technology and superior methodology for long-term measurement of dioxin emissions. They also measure many other major types of dioxin-like compounds and PoPs, such as furans and PCBs. Instead of a short sample collection period, these systems typically collect emissions in a filter for four weeks. The sample is then sent to the lab and analyzed for dioxins. You don’t have to worry about a random Tuesday where the measurements are unusually high because you have weeks’ worth of information to look at.

Won’t a new system just add more headaches for me?

While it’s natural to be hesitant before spending money on a new system for your plant, your operators will love having an adequate check for the efficiency of flue gas cleaning, an early warning system for small problems, an alarm system to warn of a major issue, and finally, a strong defense if an environmental agency got an unusually high reading in their regular checks.

Our dioxin sampling system, the Gasmet GT90 Dioxin+, was designed with operators in mind. We prioritize ease of use, and our customers are often pleasantly surprised by how much simpler our system makes dioxin monitoring for them. Our system allows for remote access and control, so you can manage it with the touch of a button.

You can sleep well knowing a Gasmet system is monitoring your plant.

At Gasmet, we are obsessed with reliability (but not in a weird way). This system is a perfect example of our absolute commitment to reliability in all aspects of our business. Our system is as tough as you are. It is built using titanium and other high-end materials to withstand the corrosive effects of the sampling environment. We even have options to upgrade the materials to withstand particularly harsh environments. Another improvement is that in our system is that unlike in other systems no water condensate is formed. Since our filter unit is dry and all the dioxins are in that filter, you don’t run the risk of pouring dioxins down the drain with the condensate water. You get a worry-free solution that will meet government standards now and into the future. Finally, when you have a Gasmet system, you can rely on our expertise in times of need. If there is any issue, our experts and trained partners will make sure it gets solved.

If you’re still using periodic sampling to measure dioxins and other persistent organic pollutants, long-term sampling can be a needed update. If you work in waste incineration or similar industries, timely and comprehensive emissions information can give the peace of mind and a good sleep we all want to have.

In that regard, you can’t do any better than the Gasmet GT90 Dioxin+.


Automatic Dioxin Sampling System (GT90 Dioxin+)

The system is the perfect solution for the long-term isokinetic sampling of hazardous organic compounds in industrial and domestic waste incineration plants.

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