Calcmet Software: Analyzing Multiple Gases with the New FTIR Analyzer

Gasmet has released a new FTIR gas analyzer, GT5000 Terra. It comes with two versions of Calcmet software that provide outstanding analytical performance wherever multiple gases need to be measured quickly, accurately and reliably. Read more about the Calcmet Easy and Calcmet Expert’s enhanced features.

Powerful analytical performance in a portable device

Have you already read about Gasmet’s novelty; the world’s most powerful yet easily portable FTIR analyzer GT5000 Terra. Just like all other FTIR analyzers, the high-performance multi-gas analyzer GT5000 Terra is supplied with our Calcmet software.

The Calcmet software provides outstanding analytical performance. It collects, stores and visualizes the FTIR spectra of sample gas and analyzes the concentrations of gas components.

The new improved Calcmet Software comes in two versions: Calcmet Easy and Calcmet Expert – both equipped with powerful and easy-to-use user interfaces. The Calcmet Easy is perfect for on-the-go use where quick measurements are required, whereas the Calcmet Expert is an ideal tool for more in-depth post-analysis of the results. Calcmet Expert provides additional analysis features such as the possibility to identify all unknown components in one sample.

Use Calcmet Easy on the go to collect sample spectra and get back to your office for a more comprehensive analysis of your data with Calcmet Expert.

1. Calcmet Easy: Perfect software for on-the-go

Calcmet Easy is a brand-new user interface, specifically designed for field use. Calcmet Easy software contains only the necessary options, settings and views for basic, everyday measurements, and it doesn’t require previous experience to operate. The software supports touch screen devices as well, providing easy and efficient processing of the results in the field.

Gasmet GT5000 Terra can be equipped with customized equipment packages, depending on the application and the user’s specific needs. We deliver the analyzer to the user according to the necessary requirements the user may have.


  • Visual alarms for enhanced safetyAn FTIR analyzer works by simultaneously scanning the entire infrared spectrum. When the analyzer identifies unknown components or excessive quantities of dangerous gases, the software reports about it with an alarm symbol. Alarm limits for gas concentrations can, for example, be customized according to Exposure Limit Values (ELVs).
  • Easy-to-use interfaceThe main functions are easily at hand and logically arranged. Five different views guide the user to operate the software. User can easily navigate between the different views to view the most relevant spectrum of the sample gas, or to follow the changing concentrations of gas components or trend view, and finally to see the background spectrum and residual spectrum. Calcmet Easy guides the user through the process step-by-step, making the user experience effortless and enjoyable.
  • Multicomponent measurement of up to 50 gasesWhat is more, Calcmet Easy also provides a multicomponent measurement for up to 50 gases simultaneously. Multicomponent capability can save a multitude of resources and time.

2. Calcmet Expert: a powerful tool to detect, identify and quantify simultaneously

Calcmet Expert provides a powerful analysis tool for an expert user. It contains an identification tool, a simulation tool, and fine-tunable analysis settings. Calcmet Expert also provides a multi-component measurement for up to 50 gases simultaneously.


  • In-depth analysis
    Calcmet Expert is a perfect choice when an exhaustive analysis of the results is required.
  • Identification toolThe identification tool was previously known as the library search tool. The functions and the interface are now re-designed and improved for an enhanced user experience. Searching and adding new compounds can be done easily without any changes to the hardware. The gas library of Calcmet Expert now extends to over 300 gases (+ NIST Library of 5000 compounds). In addition to its capability of identifying the unknowns, it effectively quantifies the known gases.
  • Ideal for first response & container measurementsIn the fields of first response and container measurements in harbors, the risk of exposure to unknown gases and hazardous components is always present. Thanks to the improved identification tool, new compounds can be added to the analysis quickly and easily in the field. The identification tool is, in these cases, an essential and invaluable tool increasing occupational safety and confidence by minimizing the risk of missing any unexpected danger.


Gasmet GT5000 Terra’s Enhanced User Experience and Software

Both Calcmet Easy and Expert software versions run on any Windows tablet or computer.

The GT5000 Terra is connected to the tablet or computer by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB cable. The Wi-Fi mode allows remote access to the analyzer. This makes measuring easier in demanding weather and outdoor conditions, as you can leave the device on-site, and operate it remotely. Similarly, it enables easy operation beyond borders – you can even be located in a different country.
The GT5000 Terra is connected to the tablet or computer by Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB cable. The Wi-Fi mode allows remote access to the analyzer.
Gasmet’s touch screen tablet is a robust device and is therefore ideal for fieldwork. What is more, operating the touch screen is easy with and without gloves, or by using a pen.

While being a high-performance multi-gas analyzer, GT5000 Terra is the world’s smallest and lightest portable multigas analyzer. No matter where it is used, FTIR is an ideal solution for a variety of applications where multiple gases need to be measured quickly, accurately and reliably.


Learn more about Calcmet sofware

The Calcmet software analyzes the sample spectrum using a sophisticated algorithm. Software is capable of simultaneous detectionidentification, and quantification of up to 50 different gas components from a single sample. Cross-interference effects are compensated for and analysis accuracy is maintained even when analyzing complex gas mixtures where gases have overlapping absorption spectra.