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Even though conferences and exhibitions are being postponed or canceled all over the world, we recognize that the need for these kinds of events hasn’t gone away. We came up with a plan to offer something similar for all the people in our industry. That’s why we created our virtual exhibition booths. We have two booths with different themes and they are now open for all to visit, completely free.

CEM booth is focused on emissions monitoring. We showcase our solutions for continuous emissions monitoring, mercury monitoring and dioxin monitoring.

GHG booth is focused on greenhouse gas measurements. We exhibit our portable gas analyzers and solutions used all around the world by researchers.

As we wanted this experience to feel as close to real face to face events as possible, we have gathered content based on that. You can meet our experts in video form and request personal contact from them. Booths are full of downloadable materials, such as brochures, datasheets, guides, and even our spectrum app. There is also a variety of videos for you to watch and links to our upcoming webinars.

We hope this offers all of you interesting information and nice experience in the middle of things happening globally. Visit our virtual booths today and stay safe!

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