Immediate access to the Gasmet FTIR spectrum collection, sample gas dew point calculator, unit conversion tool and CO2 / O2 concentration calculator in your pocket!

Gasmet Android App (FTIR Spectrum Library) can be downloaded from Google Play for free and Gasmet iOS App can be downloaded from App Store for free!

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Download Gasmet Android App here

IR spectrum collection

The FTIR spectrum collection from our website loaded to your phone, so it is always accessible without an internet connection.

Dewpoint calculator

Calculation of water dew point and Sulfuric acid dewpoint helps you in planning the sampling setup so that the sample gas does not condense in your FTIR gas analyzer. Please note that the calculation is always an estimate based on the parameters entered. For Sulfuric acid, the Okkes formula is used.

Combustion calculator

Calculate the predicted O2 concentration from CO2 (or vice versa) when the fuel type and water vapor concentration are known. Tip: set water vapor to zero to calculate the dry O2 concentration.

Unit converter

Calculate mg/m3 from ppm and vice versa, supports different reference temperatures for NTP and STP.

Please note that multicomponent analysis in-phone and file conversion/export are not supported in the app. For this functionality, the Calcmet software is needed. Calcmet software is included in FTIR Gas Analyzer delivery.

Note: This smartphone app is provided for information only and Gasmet Technologies disclaims liability or responsibility for loss or damage resulting from the application of this information.

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