All Gasmet FTIR analyzers are supplied with Calcmet software. The software collects, stores and visualizes the FTIR spectra of the sample gas and analyzes the concentrations of gas components. Quick and accurate results in easy-to-use package.

Calcmet software for analyzing the samples

The Calcmet software provides outstanding analytical performance. The software analyzes the sample spectrum using a sophisticated algorithm. Calcmet is capable of simultaneous detectionidentification, and quantification of up to 50 different gas components from a single sample. Cross-interference effects are compensated for and analysis accuracy is maintained even when analyzing complex gas mixtures where gases have overlapping absorption spectra. Calcmet software comes with an easy to use user interface allowing simultaneous viewing of concentration resultssample and reference spectra, and time trends for the analyzed gases. The results are available within seconds.

Sample spectra can be easily re-analyzed, since the sample spectra are stored as separate files on an external computer. Calcmet software also allows the identification of previously unknown components – a feature that has often shown its value in process control.

Key Advantages

  • Possibility to re-analyze and identify unknowns
  • Simultaneous detection, identification and quantification of up to 50 gases
  • Online results within seconds

Wide support for input and output formats

Calcmet supports various input and output formats, which enable the integration of the Gasmet gas analyzers to continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and to a variety of data acquisition systems. Typical inputs include analog signals and digital inputs from e.g. stack temperature and pressure sensors, flow measurement devices and particulate matter analyzers. Typical outputs include relay outputs used to control sampling systems, outputs of measured concentrations, and serial Modbus output consolidating both measured concentrations and binary alarm/status signals. Conversion of Modbus to other FieldBus formats is also supported.

The software provides easy and efficient processing of the results. Since water content of the sample gas is continuously measured with the Gasmet, the results can be reported on either a “wet” or “dry” basis. The results can also be compensated for the correct oxygen levels.

With GT5000 Terra, you can use Calcmet Easy and Calcmet Expert. Other Gasmet FTIR products work with Calcmet Standard and Calcmet Pro.

Calcmet Easy & Expert for GT5000 Terra

With the launch of our new portable FTIR analyzer, GT5000 Terra, we also introduce all-new Calcmet software for controlling it. Even more user-friendly yet powerful software to take your gas analysis to the next level.

Calcmet Easy is designed for accessible on-field work. With Easy, you get one-click measurements, instructions that guide the user, 5 different views, easy way of exporting the data, trend view and safety features for concentration alarms.

Calcmet Expert is for further analysis with advanced tools. On top of everything you get from Calcmet Easy, Expert offers an identification tool for identifying unknown compounds, fine-tunable analysis settings, application development tools, simulation tool and customizable views.

Both software are operated with Windows laptops or tablets.

calcmet software on windows tablet