Many people are subject to dangerous working conditions due to toxic gas components in various industries. First responders, laboratory personnel, and dock workers are amongst people encountering various compounds and situations that might present high risks to safety.

Dangerous components

There are several gases that can have short- or long-term adverse health effects. In the worst case, symptoms develop slowly and occur years after continuous exposure, eventually leading to more serious health problems, even death. Carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, toluene, phosphine, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are just small snippets of potential components people might encounter. Due a wide variety of these components, tools detecting and measuring them must be reliable and able to detect even unknown gases.

Tools To Promote Safety

Our goal is to create safety in people’s working and living environments. We develop and provide technology that can greatly help in reducing dangerous situations and even fatalities. Being able to measure up to 50 gases simultaneously, adding new components without hardware changes and getting results on-site, make Gasmet’s portable gas analyzers are perfect tools for these applications.

Gasmet Provides Solutions for the Following Applications

Why choose Gasmet as your FTIR partner?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose us as your FTIR partner:

  • Multicomponent capability – measure multiple gases simultaneously
  • Adding new gases is easy – no need for hardware changes
  • FTIR emission monitoring systems are available with performance approvals (TÜV, MCERTS)
  • A portable FTIR analyzer allows you to take the lab to the site
  • Simple and low-cost calibration – Gasmet’s FTIR analyzers do not need any span or re-calibrations, only zero calibration with nitrogen needed

Newest tool from Gasmet to promote safety

The GT5000 Terra is a new device, which represents a new generation of gas analyzers that combines high technology, easy usability and agile portability. The device brings portable gas analyzers to a whole new level also in terms of performance and ergonomics in the field.