The heat sources used in power plants vary from traditional fossil fuels to renewables. Depending on the used fuel and implemented reduction systems, the flue gas emissions generally include carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxides (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), dust and mercury. Power plants need to monitor these emissions continuously according to local emission regulations.

Gasmet Continuous Emission Monitoring system CEMS ll e and Continuous Mercury Monitoring system CMM are both certified systems designed for demanding emission monitoring measurements.


In 2017, Best Available Techniques Conclusions for Large Combustion Plants (LCP BREF) was published. The document specifies new measuring requirements and emission limits for LCPs with a total rated thermal input exceeding 50MW. Gasmet has made a summary of the document: Changes and New Methods in Emission Monitoring and Control in Accordance with LCP BREF 2017


What you need to know about mercury emissions monitoring

Gasmet Technologies has published a new White Paper on the monitoring of mercury emissions to air from industrial processes. This paper focuses on summarizing the changes in measurement requirements and emission limits for Large Combustion Plants (LCPs), produced by The Commission’s Joint Research Center, and adopted by European Commission. After reading this White Paper you will learn what LCP BREF means in practice and how to prepare, who it concerns, the new continuous measurement requirements, and the new emission limits.


Case: Thetford Power Station

“We originally purchased the portable Gasmet DX4000 analysers as a an emergency back-up unit, but the core measurement components of a DX4000 are exactly the same as the Gasmet CEMS, so it made sense to run both analysers simultaneously so that we always had a ‘hot’ back-up.” says EPR Group Environmental Manager Kevin Williams

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