The Gasmet FCX features a comprehensive range of high-performance FTIR process gas analyzers. The wall mounted Gasmet FCX process gas analyzer offer reliable results even when analyzing complex gas mixtures.

The Gasmet FCX process gas analyzer incorporates a Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer, gas cell, and signal processing electronics, a built-in Industrial Computer and a TFT display into a compact enclosure.

The analysis results of Gasmet FCX process gas analyzer are transmitted via 4–20 mA analog output signals or digital outputs (Modbus).

The enclosure has IP65 protection and the analyzer is equipped with Vortex cooling system.

The sample cell can be equipped with an optional heating and temperature control up to 180°C. Sample cell absorption path length is selected according to the application.


  • GasmetTM FCX analyzer
  • Heated lines and sampling probes
  • External sample pump if sample cell temperature is over 50 °C
  • For multi-point sampling, Gasmet multipoint sampling system is required
  • Particulate filtration
  • Vortex cooling if IP65 protection is required


  • Wide range of analyzer configurations
  • Ideal tool when measurement from multiple sampling points is required
  • Wall-mounting
  • IP65 protection when Vortex cooled


  • Process monitoring
  • Workplace air quality measurements e.g. anesthetic gas monitoring in hospitals