Calcmet standard

The advanced, easy-to-use Calcmet™ software provides outstanding analytical performance. Calcmet™ analyzes the sample spectrum using sophisticated and patent protected multicomponent algorithms. Calcmet™ is capable of simultaneous detection, identification, and quantification of up to 50 different gas components. Cross-interference effects are compensated for and analysis accuracy is maintained even when analyzing complex gas mixtures where there is a possibility of spectral overlapping.

The software is also designed for easy and efficient processing of the results. Since water content of the sample gas is continuously measured with the Gasmet™, the results can be reported on either a “wet” or “dry” basis. The results can also be compensated for the correct oxygen levels.

Accurate results are available within seconds. Since the sample spectra are stored as separate files on an external computer, they can be easily re-analyzed with different analysis settings even after years. Calcmet™ software also allows the identification of previously unknown components – a feature that has often shown its value in process control, for example. Calcmet™ also supports both analog 4 - 20 mA outputs and digital protocols (e.g. MODBUS, PROFIBUS etc.)


Comparison of Calcmet versions
Calcmet Standard and Professional version support all Gasmet models. Standard Pro
50 gas multicomponent analysis x x
Sampling system control
(portable and stationary)
x x
Support for inputs and outputs
(PCI expansion cards)
x x
Support for 16 and 24-bit electronics x x
Identification of gas components using Library Search routine x x
Identification of gas components using Advanced Library Search routine - x
Fast measurement for automotive applications. Requires additional hardware - x
English language x x
Possibility to use NIST library (requires a separate NIST library option) - x
Match functions & Logic functions - x
Peak marking, Savitsky-Golay smoothing, Deconvolution - x
All new advanced updates will be available in Pro version. Updates are free of charge for Pro users.