Gasmet™ DX4015 is a portable FTIR gas analyzer for ambient air analysis. The key features of the Gasmet™ DX4015 include a high sensitivity sample cell for lowest possible detection limits and a built-in-pump, which means that there is no need to use a separate sampling system.

Gasmet™ DX4015 is typically set-up to measure a variety of different gases, including VOCs, acids, aldehydes, and inorganic compounds such as CO, CO2 and N2O. Up to 50 compounds can be measured simultaneously. Gasmet™ DX4015's sample cell is heated to 50 °C, which allows measurements to be done in conditions where high humidity is expected.

The Gasmet™ DX4015 is operated with an external portable laptop that runs the Calcmet™ software. This easy-to-use program both controls the analyzer and does the actual analysis of the results.



  1. DX4015
  2. Laptop PC with CalcmetTM software: RS232 communication to control DX4015
  3. Power connection 12 VDC: 12 V cables with battery clips or cigarette lighter connector
  4. Particulate filtration and heated/unheated lines for gas transport
  5. Optional analog signals in external PC: ADAM 5000/TCP module (for analog inputs, outputs, relays)
  6. Optional wheeled cart for the analyzer and laptop computer


  • Highest possible sensitivity for low detection limits
  • Built-in pump
  • Also for high humidity applications due to heated sample cell