FPI Tunable Diode Laser Gas Analyzers

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With an installed base of over 8,000 systems, the Focused Photonics (FPI) LGA series analyzers are ideal for a wide range of industrial process gas analysis applications, including, but not limited to:

  • De-NOx – SNCR and SCR ammonia slip control, in-situ and hot extractive
  • Incineration and Waste-to-Energy – HCl measurement for sorbent injection optimization
  • Furnace O2 – high temperature, representative measurement, ZrO2 replacement
  • FCC catalyst regeneration – Regenerator flue gas CO, CO2 and O2 measurement
  • Iron & Steel – Coke production, iron making, coal injection, steel making, hot rolling, heat treatment
  • Natural Gas – Trace H2S, H2O measurements
  • Electrostatic Precipitator safety – fast, average CO measurement across duct
  • Sulphur recovery – H2S measurements

The LGA range of process gas analyzers delivers the well-established benefits of TDLAS technology, (high specificity, fast response, super-low maintenance) with proven reliability in harsh operating environments and the advantage of world-leading low ownership costs. Developed out of Stanford University California, the cradle of TDLAS commercialization, FPi was established in China in 2002 LGA solutions are displacing traditional analytical techniques.

By utilizing ‘single-line’ spectroscopy, the LGA range can be configured for continuous analysis of a number of key compounds, with an enormous dynamic range from single figure ppm to % levels, without interference from other process components.

Simply contact Gasmet UK to discuss your process conditions and measurement duty, so that a bespoke monitoring solution can be offered to meet your specific needs.

Measurable gases include:

  • O2
  • CO
  • CO2
  • H2O
  • H2S
  • HCl
  • HF
  • NH3
  • HCN
  • CH4
  • C2H2
  • C2H4

Product options:

  • In-situ TDL analyzer – ultra-fast response, true cross-stack averaging, minimal maintenance
  • ATEX certified variants for hazardous areas
  • Extractive TDL analyzer  – engineered for high pressure,  high dust, or inaccessible sampling locations.
  • Trace Gas – use of multi-pass, temperature controlled measurement cells for stability
  • 19” rack – multi-gas systems for special applications such as calorific value (CV) calculation