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Updated Gasmet Spectrum App is out!


Your spectrum library on the pocket just got better!

What is Gasmet App?

Gasmet App lets you access our vast IR spectrum library of over 400 compounds, use Dewpoint calculator and Combustion calculator and make unit conversions. The app and its features are completely free.

To provide even more value with this free tool, we have worked with a couple of new features and updated the look.

The Update

Firstly, we added knowledge base. This includes quick instructions for Gasmet portable analyzers:

  • How to measure background
  • Troubleshoot residual alarm
  • How to use identification tool (Calcmet 14)

Knowledge base is aimed to help you get familiar with your tools and to troubleshoot most common problems even on the field.

Secondly, we updated a much-requested feature, the unit converter. After this update, the unit conversion includes 3 converters; Concentration, pressure and temperature. The unit conversion not only calculates mg/m3 from ppm and vice versa but also converts between pressure units and temperature between Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.

You can download the app free from Google Play for Android and from App Store for iOS.

Download Gasmet iOS App here
Download Gasmet Android App here