Gasmet Technologies Oy acquires MonitoringSystems GmbH for expansion in solutions for industrial emissions monitoring


Gasmet Technologies Oy, Mikko Ahro, CEO

Gasmet Technologies Oy, a Finnish gas analyzer and emissions monitoring systemmanufacturer, has announced its acquisition of MonitoringSystems GmbH, based in Austria. Acquisition further strengthens Gasmet’s global position as one of the leading gas monitoring equipment providers.

Gasmet, founded in 1990, is the leading FTIR gas analyzer and emissions monitoring system provider with 30 years of FTIR experience.

Gasmet offers complete solutions for monitoring industrial emissions and portable instruments to study climate change and ensure people’s safety. The company has supplied more than 4000 analyzers worldwide having the highest installed base for on-site and industrial applications. In the field of gas analysis, the company has established an international reputation for innovative, customer-driven and reliable solutions. All Gasmet’s current devices, such as the Continuous Emissions Monitoring system CEMS II e and the Continuous Mercury Monitoring system CMM, and future solutions are certified. Last year Gasmet was delighted to announce that its CMM system completed the EN15267-3 testing and has now the world’s lowest certified range for measurements of Mercury.

Acquisition strengthens Gasmet’s global position as one of the leading gas monitoring equipment providers. MonitoringSystems GmbH, established in 2001, is a manufacturer and supplier of sampling devices and equipment for dioxins, other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and for fine dust continuous sampling.

The MCERTS certified system DioxinMonitoringSystem® for continuous sampling of dioxin emissions was developed for automated emissions monitoring of hazardous organic compounds in industrial and domestic waste incineration plants. The system represents the cutting-edge technology for dioxin sampling and fulfils all the requirements of the dioxin measurement standard EN 1948-1.

Gasmet has announced of 100 % acquisition of MonitoringSystems GmbH. Specific financial details were not disclosed. Austria-based MonitoringSystem will remain in their current location with operations continuing as usual.

Mikko Ahro, CEO of Gasmet Technologies Oy says: “We are very happy about this acquisition. We strongly believe there is a growing need for monitoring of dioxin emissions and the DioxinMonitoringSystem is the best solution in the market for such measurements.”

MonitoringSystems fits perfectly to Gasmet’s current portfolio already including FTIR based continuous emissions monitoring systems and CVAF based continuous mercury monitoring systems, all targeted to critical environmental pollutants.

“The acquisition benefits both our existing customers and new customers and enables us to exploit the growth opportunities that we see in the dioxin monitoring market.”, continues Mikko Ahro.


For more information, please contact:
Mikko Ahro, CEO, Gasmet Technologies Oy
+358 50 341 0496

Gasmet is a technology group from Helsinki founded in 1990 consisting of the parent company and four subsidiaries which are located abroad. In total we have over 100 personnel and in 2018 the revenue of the group was 21 M€. Gasmet operates in more than 80 countries covering all continents.


Dioxin emissions – effects and sources

Dioxins are environmental pollutants and belong to a group of chemically-related compounds known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs). The chemical name for dioxin is 2,3,7,8- tetrachlorodibenzo para dioxin (TCDD).

The biggest source of dioxin emissions is industrial processes, however, there is no intentional production or use. Typically, dioxins are unwanted by-products from different manufacturing processes, like smelting, waste incineration, chlorine bleaching of paper & pulp and manufacturing of chlorinated pesticides. To a small extent, they can also be formed in natural processes, such as forest fires and volcanic activity.

Dioxins are transported across international boundaries far from their sources and, therefore, occur all over the globe in the environment. The highest concentration levels are found in some soils and sediments. Unfortunately, dioxins tend to accumulate in the food chain, especially in dairy products, meat and fish and pose a risk to humans. They are highly toxic compounds and can cause adverse effects such us damage the immune system or cause cancer.

A growing global requirement to protect the environment from pollution is a major driver for the Gasmet business. Reliable measurements help authorities to supervise emissions levels and operators run their business in a sustainable way. Accurate monitoring of emissions also supports operators to control their cleaning systems optimally and to minimize their negative environmental impact.