GT90 Dioxin+ enables reliable dioxin monitoring for Eco-Research

Our client and environmental research expert, Dr. Werner Tirler, who is also the Director of Eco-Research, talks about the experience of using Gasmet’s dioxin monitoring system, GT90 Dioxin+. He says it’s a robust and durable device, which enables reliable sampling of dioxins for his laboratory.  

Specialist in environmental pollutant detection 

Eco-Research is an analytical laboratory with extensive experience in environmental research. The team consists of chemists, biologists, laboratory technicians and engineers specialized in the detection and determination of environmental pollutants. Eco-Research’s core business includes carrying out both local, national and international research projects. 

As an environmental analysis laboratory, monitoring dioxin is an elemental part of their day-to-day operations. 

More reliable results with long-term dioxin sampling

Dr. Werner Tirler states that a dioxin monitoring system enables sampling from a few hours to several weeks. Long-term monitoring systems for dioxins are normally used for sampling dioxin compounds in emissions from two to four weeks. The longer the sampling time, the more reliable the results and clearer the picture of what is emitted in the environment through the industrial plant’s stack, Dr. Tirler explains. 

“Short-term sampling systems, like all manual sampling systems, are used for six to eight-hour sampling. Compared to the normal annual operation time of an incineration plant of approximately 8000 hours per year, that is a relatively short time. A dioxin analysis based on an eight-hour sampling is definitively non-representative“, he adds.   

A dioxin sampling system that permits long-term sampling gives a more accurate picture of the true emissions and enables a real mass balance of the dioxins emitted in the environment. 

A decade of using Gasmet’s dioxin monitoring systems  

Eco-Research has used Gasmet’s dioxin sampling solution GT90 Dioxin+ for more than 10 years and is happy with its robustness and ease of use. 

“Once installed directly on the stack of the plant, the GT90 Dioxin+ is very easy to use. As per the sampling time of two or four weeks, you will have one or two samples per month. The analyzer collects the samples in a cartridge. After sampling, you have to change the cartridge and within one hour, you can start a new sampling. The cartridge will then be analyzed in a laboratory for dioxins”, Tirler explains.  

Tirler lists the main benefits of the Gasmet dioxin monitoring system: 

  • No glass parts in the sampling cartridge → zero breakage 
  • Durable titanium and stainless-steel parts 
  • Very robust device 
  • Sampling is done by diluting the flue gas with pre-heated, pre-cleaned air 
  • No condensation problems 


Automatic Dioxin Sampling System (GT90 Dioxin+)

The system is the perfect solution for the long-term isokinetic sampling of hazardous organic compounds in industrial and domestic waste incineration plants.

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