How does your journey towards environmental compliance start? – Unravelling Gasmet’s service process for customers

Our world-class systems are carefully designed to meet your specific gas analysis and continuous emission monitoring (CEM) needs. With Gasmet, you will get so much more than just an instrument service. You will be supported by our experts throughout the lifespan of our measurement systems. As a transparent and reliable partner in emission monitoring, we want to fill you in on our service process.

We operate in a spirit of mutual trust to achieve a common goal with our customers. We embrace friendliness, openness, and professionalism in every service phase to ensure a great customer-supplier partnership.


Onboarding to fully meet your needs in emission monitoring

Our paths have crossed, excellent! You have probably heard of us before or perhaps emission monitoring systems are being put out to tender in your company.

We will answer your inquiry as soon as possible. Onsite visit can be arranged to check site specific requirements for equipment and to give consultation for the customer before leaving a quotation.

– Jesse Tikka, Sales Manager

We are eager to know everything about your business and emission monitoring needs. After discussion and careful assessment of your case, all the technical details are filled into our comprehensive questionnaire. Based on this information, we can provide the perfect solution for your need. Legislation and safety aspects are viewed together.

We always proceed according to the case in question; our service is not repeatedly made from the same mold. Do you appreciate one-stop service? If you need more than gas monitoring, we can provide dust and temperature measurement, flowmeter, or reporting with the help of our partners.

Quotations are viewed together

A group of our experts and technical specialists view the quotation to make sure that it has all the facts ready for you. We prefer to go through the quotation face to face or remotely online so we can discuss it further if needed. Our customers have given us positive feedback on the clarity of our quotations.

Our sales and support representatives believe that it is better to discuss the facts human to human, instead of using chat robots. Our customer service culture is very approachable, and we want to keep it that way, for you.

Once our plan and quotation are fully understood and approved – congratulations, you have made an awesome decision in entering to a partnership with us. Based on the given information and the assessment of your case, we will build the CEM system according to your specific needs. The system will be packed safely and delivered to your plant. Just lean back and follow our further instructions.

Below there is a short animation of what becoming our customer typically looks like:

After commissioning our partnership only gets deeper

We walk you through how to set everything up for our CEM system step by step. You will receive pre-installation instructions and by following them, you will make sure everything is ready for our service personnel. They will take care of the rest to get your system up and running swiftly.

And after that? You will be trained by our technical specialist to fully operate the system. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that CEMs require very little upkeep. The technology behind our solutions is planned in such a way that we can easily perform remote diagnostics if needed.

Could it be easier? We are also interested in post analytics and will continue to be interested in the system’s operational safety well into the future. Our service will automatically contact you twice a year to make sure that everything is ok.

It is not a technical device that you are communicating with, it is us – Gasmet’s specialists. We are proud of our technical know-how, measurement systems, and people, which is why it is great to represent this company. The positivity in our service shows.

– Teemu Talikka, Technical Project Engineer and Matti-Jussi Korko, Project Manager

You have our support throughout the lifespan of your measurement system. Our spare modules can keep the system running during maintenance procedures. Just keep an eye on the emission readings and let our reliable CEM system bring you peace of mind.


Our Emission Monitoring Systems

Our products represent the pinnacle of what can be achieved in the measurement of gaseous emissions using automated measuring systems. We excel in manufacturing reliable, sensitive, and cost-effective continuous emission monitoring solutions that represent the future of gas analysis.

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