Insight — a secure and smart digital platform for 24/7 access to your Gasmet CEMS data

Insight is a digital solution that lets you securely and remotely access data from your Gasmet Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS II e/ef), around the clock. It has a host of smart features that can simplify and optimize everyday operations and help reduce downtime.

If you are the owner of a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) or two, you know that they are pretty nifty devices that can crunch mind-boggling amounts of data to reliably, efficiently, and well, continuously monitor emissions. But did you know that behind the data lies a whole world of information that can be a game-changer if you knew what to do with it?

Meet Insight — our digital platform that has been carefully designed to take your Gasmet CEMS to the next level. With Insight, your CEMS data is no longer relegated to just the control room of the facility where it is located but comes alive in the palm of your hands.

The digital platform offers secure and centralized remote access to data 24/7, an accessible view for ESG and sustainability reporting, smart alarm information, and handy diagnostics. With Insight, you also benefit from predictive reliability-centered maintenance that uses the performance failure curve.

“There are hundreds and thousands of ways how you can utilize data, but you need to know what to do with it. What we offer with Insight is a digital assistant that gives real accessibility to data to help improve everyday operations — you can monitor your systems on your phone or PC without being anywhere near them,” says Jyrki Korpela, Director of Product Management at Gasmet.

Streamlining the process— Insight sends the right alarm information to the right people

In highly regulated sectors where emissions must be continuously monitored, ensuring that the system is operational around the clock is a critical concern. Downtime should be kept to a minimum, which means potential issues must be identified and resolved quickly.

Insight’s alarm feature streamlines fault detection and response. Instead of relying on personnel in the control room to contact maintenance staff, Insight promptly sends alerts directly to the right person, reducing response time and bypassing intermediary communication.

Insight can also help you stay one step ahead of the problem. The smart digital service comes with a predictive maintenance feature that continuously tracks the system’s diagnostic data nonstop. By using the performance-failure curve to analyze this data, Insight can predict an issue even before the alarms sound, allowing you to service the system before any failure occurs.

This feature effectively minimizes downtime and maximizes system availability, allowing CEMS to stay operational without interruption.

Access diagnostic information easily for quicker and more efficient troubleshooting

A common pain point faced by users of CEMS systems is that faults can occur anytime, it could be the middle of the night, a Sunday, or on Christmas Eve when you’re 1000 kilometers away from the system.

Typically, users would have to be physically present at the facility to diagnose the problem, which can be time-consuming and not always possible. However, Insight automatically sends the information to the cloud, ensuring immediate access to data to help assess the situation, without anyone having to travel to the facility.

If the problem is minor, the onsite staff can be instructed to fix it. If the diagnostic data reveals a more serious issue, Gasmet partner service will be ready to assist. Faster response and quicker resolution mean reduced downtime for the emission monitoring system.


Insight provides a fully secure way to access real-time data 24/7 for maximum regulatory compliance

Insight takes the security of your data very seriously. One of the options we offer to customers to ensure site security is using 3G/4G for communication. We follow recognized security standards such as IEC 62443-1 and CSA Star.

All inbound connections are denied, and we use IP white-listing to connect to specific endpoints only. All data is encrypted both in transit and at rest and stored securely inside the EU using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Third-party reviews and penetration tests are conducted regularly to keep safety measures up to date.

User access and identity are critical components of data security, and we have implemented several safety features in this area. Microsoft Azure Active Directory is used for user authentication, allowing you to use your existing Office 365 credentials for login. 2FA security is enabled by default, and all user actions are logged for traceability.

Insight is fully GDPR-compliant and has a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan at all levels of the system architecture.

Visualizing, simplifying, and optimizing CEMS data for effective ESG and sustainability reporting

Insight can be a particularly valuable tool in light of the growing importance of sustainability and communication with various stakeholders, including the authorities and the public.

With Insight, your emissions data is presented in accessible formats — company-level consolidated views of all emissions are available anytime for ESG and sustainability reporting.

Additionally, Insight facilitates centralized maintenance supervision, allowing for more efficient oversight of all systems. The user-friendly interface enables visualization of data, simplifying complex information and allowing for easy interpretation of results, which is crucial for decision-making.

Ultimately, there is inherent value to our customers to be able to access their data safely and remotely all the time and from anywhere. What Insight gives you is the power of information at your fingertips!
– Korpela sums up.

Insight digital solution

Insight is a highly secure digital solution for CEMS II e that helps operators ensure regulatory compliance, optimize their everyday operations and reduce the risk of extended downtime by giving secure and centralized round-the-clock remote access to real-time data.

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