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Meorga 2019 – MSR Spezialmesse Nord

One of the most important events in Germany for the industry! Gasmet will introduce the world’s leading FTIR emissions monitoring system, the CEMS II e, and the most powerful monitoring system for continuous mercury monitoring, the CMM system, with the world’s lowest certified measurement range. Visit our booth and see how the FTIR analyzers work. See you at Meorga shows!


International Hazardous Materials Conference

The training offered at the Hazmat Conference provides immediate, practical and valuable information designed to ensure you successfully meet the demands of hazmat response in today’s challenging environment.

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World Waste to Energy and Resources Summit

Gasmet Technologies are a manufacturer specialising in Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) based on FTIR, the technology of choice used throughout the Waste Incineration Industry. Gasmet Emission Monitoring systems ensure our customers successfully demonstrate compliance with legislation and the requirements associated with Waste Incineration sites around the world. Visit our stand or request a meeting!

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