The Gasmet customers have spoken: Reliable, hands-on service is as important as an accurate emission measuring device

Guess what else we are passionate about other than precision measuring instruments? You, our customer! And we are thrilled that our recent customer surveys have revealed that the admiration is mutual — our customers value our support, in-depth expertise, and the fruitful partnerships we have built together.

If you picture us as a bunch of geeky product-centered engineers hung up on technical details, and who have never met an actual customer, you are only partly right. While we indeed are obsessed with our products, we are just as excited to see how our creations work in real life and more importantly, how our customers experience them.

It is our customers who are at the heart of everything we do. And now, thanks to recent qualitative and quantitative surveys,* things are official between us! Results revealed that customer satisfaction has been very high lately.

“According to a recent qualitative interview survey, our emission measurement customers value the functionality, reliability, and ease of use of our product. Our customer service, technical support, and maintenance have also been praised,” says our Quality Manager Ulla Kosonen.

Full-service partnerships offer peace of mind

These results didn´t just happen overnight. We have worked together with our customers to build many long-term partnerships through the decades. A case in point is our customer Ferroplan, which has developed a unique mobile Ferropower power plant.

The power plant, which operates at the source of the waste, is built modularly in containers, so it can be conveniently moved to a new location. This ensures agricultural, industrial, or medical byproducts are utilized more agilely.

As the plant incinerates waste, Ferroplan needed a comprehensive system to monitor emissions. That’s where we came in with our compliant product — CEMS II e (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System).

Ferroplan’s plant engineer Pontus Ekberg reveals that CEMS is a valuable investment for the company and that our partnership has helped take a load off them.

“We enjoy peace of mind because Gasmet has a person in charge who knows the system and what to do in each situation,” says Ekberg.

Ekberg says he has faith in our expertise: “I see no reason to choose any other supplier. We got a great product that fully fulfills its mission, and we are very pleased with our partnership with Gasmet.”

Building reliable long-term relationships with customers

Ferroplan is not the only customer with whom we have built a fruitful partnership.

The surveys highlight that our customers appreciate the company’s in-depth expertise and ability to hash out the most complex issues with them. In fact, our partnership philosophy is a key part of our approach:

We want to invest in partnerships with our customers and develop different solutions together to benefit all parties. – Ulla Kosonen

Deep dive into customer needs to find right solutions

At the beginning of any relationship, the first moments can play a big role in setting the tone for the future. It is no different for our customer journeys. In fact, according to the surveys, our onboarding process has been one of our biggest strengths. Right at the onset, we sit down to brainstorm with our customers, listen to their needs carefully, understand their wishes, and then choose the right solutions, quickly and flexibly.

And now, we are feeling the love! The survey revealed that around 86% of our customers would recommend Gasmet to a friend or colleague (average score of 4.3 on a scale of 1-5) and 93% are satisfied with Gasmet as a whole (4.5/5).

“A good grade means we have managed to serve the customer well,” says Kosonen, who adds that we are now focusing on development areas.

“Over the years, we have received suggestions on how to better our service and have also responded to these appropriately. We appreciate any recommendations for improvement,” she concludes.

What our customers appreciated the most in 2020-2021*

  • Our service and sales operations
  • Our ability to handle complex issues with customers separates us from our competition
  • Our products
  • Fast delivery of spare parts and availability of spare/rental equipment
  • Successful delivery, training, and installations
*Gasmet Technologies Oy Customer satisfaction surveys 2020-2021. One quantitative survey (online survey) for Gasmet’s direct customers, regional offices and distributors, and three qualitative surveys (interviews) conducted in cooperation with Inspirans Oy: Systems (CEMS), GHG (GT5000 & DX4015), and Stack testing (DX4000).


CEMS II e – Continuous emission monitoring system

CEMS II e offers modular and TÜV and MCERTS certified (QAL1) solution for environmental compliance in industrial processes, such as powerplants, waste incineration, cement plants and beyond. The system adjusts to changes in regulations and future advances of emissions monitoring best practices with ease.

continuous emission monitoring system
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