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Come to visit our booth #25 at CBRN International Conference in UK next week!

Gasmet and its UK subsidiary Quantitech will exhibit at the CBRN International 2017 Conference, 16th Feb, in Coventry, UK. CBRN International will act as a platform to unite global SMEs from multiple disciplines. Bringing together personnel from governments, emergency services and military to share best practice on combating hybrid CBRN threats.

Quantitech, a Gasmet group company, will showcase the DX4040, a portable and rugged FTIR instrument which deliver laboratory-grade analysis in a field-use device and can be operated in a backpack. Weighing just 14 kg (with battery), and delivering near-live simultaneous readings for up to 25 compounds (PDA) or 50 compounds when running with the optional Calcmet software running on a laptop or tablet PC.

The Gasmet DX4040 can identify and measure multiple target gases simultaneously. Compounds can be specified by the user, or typical groups (libraries) of target compounds can be selected.

Standard gas libraries for Chemical Warfare Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Fumigation and other applications are available including compounds such as Sarin, Phosgene, Mustard Gas, PS, VX and DMMP.

The Gasmet DX4040 and its accessories are Nato stock-listed.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn more about our versatile instrument and come to visit our booth #25!