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You're invited! Booth #732 in Phoenix this week

Gasmet invites you to visit booth #732 at the ASA, CSSA and SSSA Annual meeting in Phoenix, AZ November 6 - 10.

Gasmet will display the company's unique portable multi-gas analyzer (the Model DX4040). In unison with the Model DX4015, these analyzers' are providing researchers globally, accurate and reliable field measurement of GHG's in soil gas exchange research.

The Gasmet analyzers' use Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) gas measurement technology simultaneously measuring both inorganic and organic gases in concentrations from sub-ppm to high percent levels. Requiring only a zero calibration with nitrogen gas before commencing the day's testing, researchers are provided a highly productive tool to collect accurate GHG measurement data with minimal on-going costs.

Be sure to pencil in time, Nov 7 at 12:30-01:30 pm, to attend the demonstration stage:

"Gasmet Technologies - Simultaneous measurement of N2O, CH4, CO2 and Ammonia in soil flux measurements using field portable FTIR gas analyzers."

Wishing you a successful conference!