Supplier Code of Conduct


Gasmet Technologies aims to cooperate with its suppliers in a mutually beneficial way and according to the principles explained in Gasmet Code of Conduct and expects its business parties to adopt the principles of Gasmet Supplier Code of Conduct.

Gasmet Technologies reserves the right to audit its suppliers.


  • Laws: The supplier abides all the laws and regulations.
  • Actions against bribery and corruption: The supplier should practice business in an honest way. Bribery, corruption and money laundry in any form are not acceptable.
  • Conflict of interest: Throughout its supply chain, the supplier should avoid situations which cause conflict of interest.
  • Fair selling and competition: The supplier and its subcontractors shall comply with applicable competition laws and promote fair trade.
  • Communication: The supplier should promote open discussion and provide a sufficient level of information to ensure that Gasmet Technologies can form a true and fair view of supplier’s current and future operations. The supplier shall not leave untold information that will affect the product or operations of Gasmet Technologies in any way.
  • Confidentiality: Supplier should ensure that all confidential information provided by Gasmet Technologies is safe and secured. No confidential information should be used in any context or on any occasion outside supplier organization without permission of Gasmet Technologies.


  • Discrimination, harassment and bullying: The supplier should not approve any kind of discrimination based on race, ethnic or national origin, color, gender, family status, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age or political beliefs, or other characteristics protected by law. The supplier shall not accept any form of harassment or bullying from our employees.
  • Equal opportunity and working conditions: The supplier ensures proper and well-managed working conditions for its employees, including appropriate health and safety standards. The supplier’s employees shall perform their work without the influence of alcohol or drugs. Working conditions, working hours, salaries and other benefits comply with the laws and regulations.
  • Personal data: The supplier should ensure that all kinds of use of personal data shall abide by laws and regulations.


  • Sustainability: The supplier should consider environmental effect in the business and act in a responsible way. The supplier should be committed to protect the environment and avoid unnecessary waste of resources. The supplier abides by environmental laws and regulations.