Continuous Monitoring Required

Several EU directives and national laws in European countries set requirements for continuous monitoring of flue gas emissions at power plants.

EN 14181 Standard

Further requirements are set on the quality assurance of the installed measurement systems at the plants. The relevant standard in this regard is EN 14181, the quality assurance of automated measuring systems. The standard dictates how to determine that the measurement systems installed for continuous emissions monitoring at a plant operate according to the directives and regulations set.

QAL2 and AST Procedures

Two major parts of this on-going quality assurance cycle are the QAL2 and AST procedures. A test laboratory performs tests on the systems on-site and determines whether the systems fulfill the set requirements or not.


What you need to know about emissions monitoring

In this guide we will introduce you to Emissions Monitoring and FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) in emissions monitoring. We will also explain what needs to be taken into consideration in an effective set-up for emissions monitoring and present real-life example data measured with Gasmet CEMS II e and CMM. Increase your Emissions Monitoring knowledge by downloading the guide free of charge!


Case: Thetford Power Station

“The system has performed very well, with very little maintenance required. Zero point calibration with nitrogen (background) just takes a few minutes each day and is fully automated. Water vapour calibration is conducted at least once per year, but under normal circumstances no other calibration is necessary.” says Operations Team Leader Richard Bloomfield

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