The Gasmet FCX features a comprehensive range of high-performance FTIR process gas analyzers. The wall mounted Gasmet FCX process gas analyzer offer reliable results even when analyzing complex gas mixtures.

The Gasmet FCX process gas analyzer incorporates a Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer, gas cell, and signal processing electronics, a built-in Industrial Computer and a TFT display into a compact enclosure.

The analysis results of Gasmet FCX process gas analyzer are transmitted via 4–20 mA analog output signals or digital outputs (Modbus).

The enclosure has IP65 protection and the analyzer is equipped with Vortex cooling system.

The sample cell can be equipped with an optional heating and temperature control up to 180°C. Sample cell absorption path length is selected according to the application.


  • GasmetTM FCX analyzer
  • Heated lines and sampling probes
  • External sample pump if sample cell temperature is over 50 °C
  • For multi-point sampling, Gasmet multipoint sampling system is required
  • Particulate filtration
  • Vortex cooling if IP65 protection is required


  • Wide range of analyzer configurations
  • Ideal tool when measurement from multiple sampling points is required
  • Wall-mounting
  • IP65 protection when Vortex cooled


  • Process monitoring
  • Workplace air quality measurements e.g. anesthetic gas monitoring in hospitals

Technical Data

General parameters
Measuring principle: Fourier transform infrared, FTIR
Performance: 1 - 50 gas compounds
Response time, T90: Typically < 120 s, depending on the gas flow and measurement time
Operating temperature: Short term 0 - 40°C
long term 5 - 30°C
Climate control: Vortex
Storage temperature: -20 - 60°C, non-condensing
Power supply: 100-115 or 230 V / 50 -60 Hz
Power consumption: 500 W


Resolution: 8 cm-1 or 4 cm-1
Scan frequency: 10 scans / s or 4 scans / s
Detector: Peltier cooled MCT
Source: SiC, 1550 K
Beamsplitter: ZnSe
Window material: ZnSe or BaF2
Wave number range: 900 - 4 200 cm-1


Sample cell
Structure: Multi-pass or single pass cells. Available from 1 cm up to 9.8 m
Material: Stainless Steel or 100 % gold or rhodium coated aluminium
Mirrors: Fixed, protected gold coating
Volume: 1.07 or 0.22 liters
Connectors: Inlet Swagelok 6 mm
Outlet Swagelok 8 mm
Gaskets Teflon® coated Viton®. Kalrez® available upon special request
Temperature: 180 °C, maximum
Window material: BaFor ZnSe or AR coated ZnSe 


Measuring parameters
Zero point calibration: 24 hours, calibration with nitrogen
(5.0 or higher N2 recommended)
Zero point drift: < 2 % of measuring range per zero point calibration interval
Sensitivity drift: None
Linearity deviation: < 2 % of measuring range
Temperature drifts: < 2 % of measuring range per 10 K temperature change
Pressure influence: 1 % change of measuring value for 1 % sample pressure change. Ambient pressure changes measured and compensated


Gas inlet and outlet conditions
Gas temperature: Non-condensing, the sample gas temperature should be the same as the sample cell temperature
Flow rate: 120 - 600 liters per hour
Gas filtration: Filtration of particulates (2 µm) required
Sample gas pressure: Ambient


A/D converter:  Dynamic range 95 dB
Signal processor: 32-bit floating point DSP 120 MFLOPS


Processor: 2 GHz Intel Celeron
Memory: 256 MB SDRAM
Hard disk: > 40 GB
Operating system: Windows 7 (32-bit)
Application software: Calcmet for Windows
Outputs: Isolated 4-20 mA for each component (maximum is 16) or digital RS-232 Modbus
Relays: Sample gas; Function alarm; Service request; Concentration alarm.
Display: Door mounted 12” TFT display


Air conditioning
Gasmet FCX is equipped with Vortex cooling system. Other cooling systems are available on request.
Cooling capacity: 270 W (air 7 bars, 21 ºC,
dewpoint –40 ºC)
Air consumption: 425 Nl/min, maximum
Air quality: Pressure 7-10 bars
Temperature + 43 ºC, maximum
Dewpoint –40 ºC


Sample pump: For ambient air up to 50 °C only
Automatic zero valve: Up to 50 °C sample temperatures
Remote control: Modem and software for remote diagnostics
Sample cell temp.: 50 - 180 °C
Fan cooling Removes Vortex, no IP rating
Pressure measurement: Inside sample cell


Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions (mm): 800 * 600 * 300
Weight: 50 kg
Protection: IP 65
CE label: According to EMI guideline 89/336/EC


Gasmet Technologies Oy shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein. The information in this document is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind and is subject to change without notice. Should you find any errors, we would appreciate if you notified us.


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